Reboot or Whole New RP

Well Fellas, I can say for certain that im happy to be back after jumping in and out of this place. Do not ask where I have been but lets say it wasn’t the same is it was here lol

As for the Title, Well pretty much For the First part I’m thinking about rebooting War-Torn Horizon but on a much more smaller scale. What do you guys think about that?

The Second part is just scrap War-Torn Horizon and go for the following premise. and I got this idea after poking around some other sites and based on PaladinGundam’s Fanfic…sort of. The Premise is In the near future, The Gundam MMORPG has evolved into the world of VIRP (think SAO but with Gundam), however instead of visors or even cockpits or holographic interphases, the Players are literally Digitized into the Game! They become the Gundam itself, molded into its image as if it were their own body. (in other words, you become the Gundam…if that makes sense lol)…so, what do you think?

I had an idea for gundam based SAO type RP too haha.

I’m fine with a WTH reboot.

I say reboot.

I miss Lance.

Well Well! Glad to hear Guys and thanks for the semi warm welcome back lol

I shall Do a write up later on tonight and pitch it here but what I can tell you is that it probably wont be the same as the last time.

I just do have one question though: Do you guys want it to be the same as before (Intergalactic) or do you think we should scale it back to just Jupiter, Mars, and Earth?

The Intergalactic stuff was what made it so unique.

So I say keep that, to be honest, I say keep just about everything and we just restart from the begining as we lost some of the players.

Ill have to play Walsh, and ill have to play my brother’ Char seeing hes out of the game lol. Also, Ill see what I can do. One more thing, Im remaking some Factions. Im thinking of having it go from 4 to 2, which ones do you think I should keep and which should go?

It should be three, as the Pirates are kind of a third party.

Espeically since we had big plans for Lance and that faction remember?

I hope the Shogunate is gonna stick around. Tachibana was such a fun character. If there’s no Shogunate then there’s no point in Tachibana.

Ah yes. So dumb 1 and keep the Pirate faction as the 3rd…Alright so we have 3 choices:

the Zeibach Imperium

the Anglian Commonwealth

the Tokugawa Shogunate

Which one of them is going? And ill wait for all parties to vote on this

I liked the Commonwealth, but seeing as Lance sypathised with them so much, without them arround it’d make allot better conflict between him and Delvin.

So I vote Commonwealth. But personally I think there could be a third option…we merge them and the Pirates so to speak, and I’ll move Delvin to the Imperium.

Hmmm…how about this: I merge the Shogunate and The Commonwealth and make something completely different it will be that VS the Imperium and then well have the Pirates?

I’d have to say the Commonwealth too.

Maybe, but I was thinking the Commonwealth could be a small independant nation of maybe a few planets, and the Pirates protect them out of intrest.

That said, as long as the pirates stay I’m fine, even if it’s just my one ship.

I got it. SEED…Bear with me. The Shogunate and the Imperium are the top dogs that are waging war. The Commonwealth are Nuteral but use Pirates to conduct Black ops to undermine whoever threatens their borders (IE both if they get too close lol)

Well What do you think about that idea?

Yeah, that’s more or less what I had in mind.

You gonna keep the whole lady in the cryo pod thing or what that getting scraped?

That works.

That Settles it then…Also The lady in the Cryo thing Is definitely staying…got to face a new enemy ya know :p…Anybody want to ad something to this that wasn’t in the original?

Nah, not really.

Alright. Im almost done with the writing…what do you think for this so far?

In the Grim Darkness of the Year 4100 AD…There is Only War…

Mankind has reached the farthest Edges of the Galaxy, but alas it has brought its troubles with them. In their bitter struggle to Colonize the Galaxy, The people of the Frontier have lost contact with Earth Sphere. Afraid and Alone, The Scattered peoples formed into 2 Superpowers:

The Imperium of Ziebach: A Romanesque World brimming with Imperialistc ideals and prosperous in both industrial/agricultural innovations and Military Might. With the powerful Fel Dynasty in Power, they are poised to take the Frontier as a whole for themselves.

The Tokugawa Shogunate: Claiming lineage all they way from their Progenator, Tokugawa Ieyasu, The Shogunate are a Powerful force that Stand by their ancient beliefs of Honor, Loyalty, and the Bushido Code. However, they are not opposed to Technological Advancements as demonstrated by their Mobile Weapons technology.

Together they make the primary Super Powers and compete for control over the Frontier. However in the Last 200 years a third Power is rising in the Galactic South. Forged out of a single Colony System that revolted against the Imperium,

The Alban Commonwealth: Forged out of a single Colony System that revolted against the Imperium, it established itself as a powerhouse poised to take on the Big Boys and claim a place in the Galaxy. Aligned with a more secretive Faction, This Neutral Nation ruled by a benevolent Monarchy tempered by a Parliment, Attempts to remain neutral to the Imperium and the Shogunate’s War while expanding their own borders.

The Company of Piratical Practices: Also known as “The Company” Is a loose group of Pirates and Privateers who either hire themselves out as mercenaries or practice thier bread and butter of piracy. As of now they have formed an alliance with the Commonwealth, ensuring the latter that their borders will be safe.

But now, At the beginning of the year 4100 AD, Something stirs in the Galactic East, far away from the Frontier, that threatens all their very existence. One that intends to swallow the Galaxy whole. Battles are waged with Mobile Suits, the Key to Military Power. The only Hope for the Frontier: A small band of individuals and their Legendary Mobile Suits called GUNDAMS. Soon these Pilots will discover the Origins of their Frontier, The Identity of their new Enemy, and the Shocking Secret that will Change their lives forever…if they can stay alive…
From the Creators who gave you Mobile Suit Gundam: Advent, Comes the Rebirth of a beloved RP…

Mobile Suit Gundam: War-Torn Horizons…

To Help with MS dealings heres this:

Imperium: Zeonic/OZ Type Mobile Suits

Shogunate: ZAFT/Alliance Type Mobile Suits

Commonwealth: Federation/ORB Type Mobile Suits

Company: Jupiter Fleet/Crossbone Vanguard Type Mobile Suits

What do you guys think so far?