Reasonable to Assume We'll get a Unicorn Full Series on Blue Ray release?

I haven’t been buying the individual episodes because I want to have the whole series in a nice set. What do you guys think?

Yes, this will happen once it’s been licensed. It’s only natural, or atleast I hope.
I just hope they release it with 2 episodes per disk, or 3, instead of 1. I hate it when they release disks like that. This is Blu-ray, we’re not limited to just an hour for quality, are we?

It’s also better this way, as it doesn’t leave anything to be desired.

Yeah, having at least 2-3 episodes per disc would also be nice. I don’t see why they wouldn’t release the full series but stranger things have happened. I really hope that once the series is finished, Toonami picks it up and gives gundam a nice push before the full series is released on blue-ray. That would be fantastic.

This is exactly what I’m hoping for as well. You’d think they’d release a nice box set for Unicorn. I’m just afraid to see the price of it. At 50 bucks a piece for each of volumes, the price for a box set could be insane.

Yeah the price could be quite hefty, but you’d think it would be cheaper than buying the separate episodes.

And more importantly (And i REALLY hope im right about this) but if Unicorn is a Hit here in the States DVD/BluRay Wise (and im assuming it is) this may be Prelude to Origin getting some action in the States as well when it comes out…but thats just a thought lol