Real Life Chicks

I dont think this is already on here but…We all know about the anime babes, But who makes your top 10 favorite real girls ,that you are attracted to . Me I got alot so I’m just gonna name a few of my favorites… Nikki Maniaj, Bunny De La Cruz, Katy Perry , Rocsi (from 106 and Park) Amy Lee,Keyshia Cole, Maci (Teen Mom), Farrah (Teen Mom), Rhianna, and Julia Bond.

Godness, Nikki Minaj? Are you drunk? Seriously, everything is approved except for Nikki Minaj. Is that thing even human?

Woah Nikki is bad lol in a good way have you seen her body she gorgous

It perhaps appeals you, but it does verily not appeal me. It’d just be too much for me to handle.

Btw, having diverted the interest to favoured styles/ not favoured apparels, what are your thoughts and opinions on piercings? I am highly disgusted by her :

I tolerate piercings and therefore the right and permission to dress/assume any prefered apparels, but I’m concerned this is just recklessness harming one’s body.

I don’t mind piercings on a girl, in fact they can be quite… fun. Oh, that conversation could get really inappropriate really quick, so I’ll carry on with my list.

In no particular order:

  1. Ashley Greene
  2. Zooey Deschanel
  3. Jessica Biel
  4. Claire Coffee
  5. Scarlett Johansson
  6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
  7. Mila Kunis

And in very particular order

  1. Keira Knightley
  2. Linda Le (aka Vampy) (ALMOST made it to first place)
  3. Emma Watson (Such a hottie, smart, sophisticated, and never shown much skin to the public. Oh the things I would do for/to her)

Call me crazy. but I think Michelle Rodriguez is pretty hot!
Sandra Bullock isnt too bad looking either.
and I dont konw if youve seen the new Batman yet. but Anne Hathaway… Very Hot!
Scarlett Johansson
and Emma Watson is Way cute.
Jolene Blalock is pretty cute too
Jeri Ryan … Ha-wow!

yep Nerd fantasies fulfilled!

I’ve had a thing for Jessica Alba for years and have a poster of her in my room. Any girl I bring over that likes me hates it. lol I took a liking to Kirsten Prout after watching Kyle XY. I also really like Kortney Kane if you know what I mean. That girl got it goin ON!

The first one is Kortney, then Kirsten, then Jessica. I could literally only find like one pic of Kortney with clothes on.

I, on the other hand, would actually my women to desire to have my cock …


I accidentally typed “women” in…


  1. Julia Volkova
  2. Lena Katina
  3. Jena Malone
  4. Sophie Merry
  5. Natalia Tena
  6. Anne Hathaway
  7. Emma Stone
  8. Ollivia Wilde
  9. Evanna Lynch
  10. Betty White

In a fair amount of order. I’d say it’s in order, although Evanna Lynch tends to float higher every now and then.

XD Hahahahahahahahaha!

Nothing wrong with piercings as long as she can look good and the piercings fit her personality

But isn’t that simply too exaggerated?

No love for Kat Dennings?

Or Kari Byron?

Kari Bryon is really cute. There’s something special about Kat Dennings although I can’t quite put my fingers on em. LOL I would like to encourage frequent visitors of this thread to post tumbnail images of the women you find to be beautiful.

They are both very beautiful women, but im southern so i like my chick a lil thicker lol

Related : Guys, I’m really not slightly aware of what to do. I acquired a photo of one of my acquaintances (13yrs old) displaying her half naked. She’s said to have been rewarded with money for “sexual intercourse”. According to additonal facts I’ve already been taught about, she didn’t even demand compensating alot money.

A 13yr old slut asking the served to pay her 20€ for a blowjob and requesting 50€ for sex. However, I’ve never had sex with her, but as plainly stated/eludicated above, I obtained a photo displaying the body of hers.
Now I’m considering humilating her anonymously. I’d not like to have me impeached, accused or blamed for anything. But for the last few hours, or rather since I got that picture, I’ve been thinking about how to perform forcing her to feel ashamed. Here are the steps I’m regarding as worthy being executed :

Sending a printed picture exhibiting her half naked to her parents to apprise them.
[[Persuading any of you to upload this on 4chan for she deserves to be exposed half naked.]]
Being availed by using Having managed to disguise me, I’d publish that photo on her wall.

“[[ ]]” signifies/indicates hesitating to risk to do that.

i would report her to the authorities… not the parents…that will stop it, but i fail to see how that is your place to set her on the right path or how humiliating her will prevent any further interaction with you…if you want to screw with her, call the police and report an unlicensed prostitute under the legal prostitution age… lol

Speaking sincerely, with all due respect, I’d not mind reporting her. But there’s simply no way I’d clarify her actions to them personally.

are you being solicited? then you can… sounds like something you just might want to stay out of… let the actions run their courses, with any luck she will be found in a roll of carpet in a ditch somewhere… just make sure to get rid of the photo…

Hmmm … kay. I suppose, I’ll be heavily rebuked, if I don’t relinquish it…