Read this, new members

First off hello and welcome to the Forums!

I decided that I have typed this out enough to all of the new members so much, that I need to state so in a thread for ALL of them to see. This does not count as a welcoming from me, as I will continue to give my own personal welcomes. I only hope that this thread becomes nothing more than a reference tool to you.

On this site there are four moderators. I am SilverFrameAstray, or as a good portion of the forums refer to me, SFA. Next is GNZaku0023 or GNZ for short (presently GNZ is still a mod but has been on a hiatus). We were the first moderators granted to this forum since the beta days. Squee and Squeam are the other half of the Moderation team. They are two separate people no matter how similar they’re names are, I promise.

If you have any questions, we are the ones to ask. Anything from what the old versions to the forums are like, complaints and compliments, where should you put a thread if it’s topic is confusing, and so on. We are all here to help you and is our duty to maintain this forum and the happiness of it’s inhabitants. Each of us work, but usually get around to the forums every day to check up, and I personally check my inbox first. If you have a question or complaint about the site or it’s operation, then make a thread in the feedback subforum.

If for some G.O.D. unknown reason all of the mods and admin have left the face of the Earth for a week and you have an urgent question, there are a large portion of your peers who are glad to help. My advice would be that in such an event you should ask one of the older or more frequent members of the forum. There is a post count and join date for every member if you need a reference.

To recap, the mods are:

and the admins are:

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you around within the community!

I’d like to add to that part about the older members.

I’m Exia.

If you can’t reach a mod or admin and it doesn’t have to do with something the site or a personal issue you shoud talk to a mod about, feel free to PM me about whatever and I’ll try my best to answer it.

I may not have posted a lot but I have been around a while and check very frequently if you need any help!