Rare Gundam DVD?

Can anyone possibly give me some more information on this Gundam DVD set? and will it be worth anything?

It’s brand new and sealed, from the 90s or early 2000’s I think - can’t find it anywhere online

That is a DVD box set for Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Back in the early 2000’s Bandai did box sets for Gundam and other series under the title Anime Legends. G Gundam was a 49 episode series that they released in two box sets. You have the second box set which is episodes 26-49.

As for price I’m not sure. So people have it listed for $100 and up online New, others have I listed for $20-$30 used. It really comes down to the person and what they’ll pay. I don’t have this series and if I was going to spend $100+ I’d just get the blu-ray box set.

I had a few Anime Legends sets back a few years ago. Back before RightStuf began releasing the series on Blu-Ray and large collectible box sets, they were worth a ton of money. Simply because they were really the only way we here in America could get our hands on Gundam without having 10-12 DVDs. But now that they are readily available in a newer format from RightStuf, the value has diminished dramatically. I’ve personally sold all of mine for the Blu-Ray versions.