Random tech question

Can anyone tell me the name of those things on the walls on the interiors of ships in the UC Universe that the characters can grab onto it and it carries them throughout the ship using the lack of gravity? They’re small cylindrical shaped handgrips mounted in the walls and run on a track. I can’t find the actual name of them on Gundam Wiki or anywhere else.

I think they are the equivalent to Guide rails. Seeing as there’s no gravity, the people are not affected greatly by the Laws of Gravity. There for they lack the momentum or as said gravity to move on their own. This is a way of moving faster in a weightless environment. I don’t know if this helps but I know a lot of experts here that can help way better than me…

Due to the fact that they don’t exist in reality (since the like two space stations still in operations are outdated and don’t included such technology), I don’t think their is an actual name for them. It’s exactly as Kenico said, they’re used for movement in zero-g, basically the same as having a rail there to pull on. They are also such a minimal thing in the plot of the UC stories that they were never mentioned by name. I think you can make up your own name for them such as “Guide Handles” or something like that. I guess my point is there is no official name as far as I’m aware.

Wow, I’m glad you brought that up. I never put much thought into them. I don’t think it does have an official name, otherwise.
It never was named in any of the UC shows.

It think they are simply called handgrips. Its what they do. Sure they are motorized and in line so you could call them linear handgrips.

You may be able to find it if you look at ship specs but that’s my best guess, I don’t believe they were ever named in a series, which is kind of funny since its in all of the UC series ships and a lot of the AU series ships

Interesting. Some were like handle belts on escalators while some are actual handle bars.