Rage Nucleon High Mobility Backpack - Nu Gundam Ver Ka - FOUND

Hey all!

I am looking to get this addon, and I cannot find it anywhere (without paying crazy shipping fees or being scalped on Ebay). If anyone has one they are willing to let go, or trade, please let me know!


How much did you see? Found one on eBay which was about $46 + $18 shipping. Was that way too high? Not sure what the original price for it was…

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Yeah I’m just trying to find it a little cheaper than that. Was hoping someone had one they wanted to sell, haha.

i just order from ebay. it was 40 plus 25 for shipping… then i went to my local store whilst chatting they told me they also sold the kit for just 40, so maybe some your local stores may bring that kit in. as i understand it is extremely popular.

Man I wish I had local stores that would carry it. I’d love to pick it up for $40.

Nothing wrong with wanting to purchase it cheaper.

Was not sure what the original price was so thought maybe it was fairly okay price, mainly due Bandai throwing around P-Bandai prices like crazy sometimes, just look at the MG Primrose and Red Frame Flight Unit backpack, those were pretty high price for just accessories too.

What does P-bandai have to do with this kit?

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Are you still looking for one of these?

Usagundamstore.com has them for pre-order rn…

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I was going to tell him it was available. I was just waiting to see if he still was looking for it.


Awe darn. Would have ordered through them had I known it was coming. I just placed an order a couple of days ago haha.

Thanks guys!

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Talk about bad timing. Lol


No kidding lol. Waiting on mine to come from Hong Kong xD.

Oh well

The funny thing is USAGS had it on their site for pre-order months ago then they removed and now its back. I wonder why they did that.