Rag-79 Aqua GM 1/144 build

Did my original build thread get deleted? was around august 2017…I think



Wow, it looks amazing!

That’s sick!
Forgive my ignorance, what kits were used for this?

Think the base kind was a hg gm command type. The rest of the parts were 3d printed. He has copies of this kit for sale on ebay.

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Your thread did not get deleted. Rather, all threads beyond ~2014 were all gone due to switching to this new forum.

Thanks for the info

Thanks guys,
I’m running more of these kits soon.

I’m reposting the lost pic of my build. Like others, I love WIP pics.


Amazing work. Simply amazing. I’d love to be able tot 3D print stuff, but I’m not very good at 3D modelling.

Still looks great and still amazed at the work you put into this one. Did you manage to sell many kits?