R.I.P Syd Mead

Raw video 99’ tribute to Syd Mead.

Password: gundam

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Jeez. At least all of his brilliant work will be long remembered.

I still remember his live recording interview in the 99’ Turn A Gundam.

And I only just bought the original “Blade Runner” the other day.

RIP, you shall be missed.

Been a big fan of his designs since Blade Runner and Turn A. May his work continue to live on.

I share a short video of the year 99, I hope you’ll get to see his last interview in the Turn A gundam. If you wish to see it, you need VLC player.

Now that I think about it, it’s a very bittersweet coincidence that the last Gundam tv show that aired in Syd Mead’s life was Re-Rise which features the Wodom so prominently. :cry:

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Yes, he created the Wodom. All the Turn A’s Mobile Suit is his ideas.