Questions: RG Evangelion 00 DX Positron Cannon Set & RG Evangelion 01 DX Transport Platform Set

I am planning to buy these 2 models for present but I have few questions regarding these 2 models. The first one being are the 2 boxes have the exact same size dimension at very least with their length and width? It will be easier for me to wrap them as one present if that is the case. The second is quite a general question, how is the build quality of these 2 models in comparison with other RG models and are they worth their respective price? Thank you beforehand.

Hey there,

I have both of these, and I do believe they are the same size.
As far as price goes, that all depends on who you ask. For EVA fans, I’d say it’s worth it. For non-EVA fans, I wouldn’t go as far to get the Positron cannon and the Transport Platform set.
The build is fantastic, and was a nice change from the RG Gunpla. It’s pretty darn sturdy.

Okay noted, I rarely buy RG but knowing they have positive feedbacks on the build quality helps me to gain some insights. Thank you for your reply.

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