Question - Soaking

So I was in the kitchen this morning, washing up my next build, Qubeley Mk II, with warm water, and dawn, in a big tub. I threw in a few spures at a time, and would pull them out, and rinse them in cold water. I noticed when they came out of the tub, they were softer, more flexible then either before the wash, or after the cold rinse. I know this is basic thermal effects on plastics, but it made me want to ask a question. Since the colder plastic is, the more libel it is to snap as opposed to cut, has anyone here tried soaking their spures in warm water (around 105f or so) right before cutting them? I wonder if it could help reduce the chance of damage to dark color parts. I would try it myself, but at the moment I don’t have the space to have a tub sitting with me.

Hmmm, I don’t think that’s a problem. It seems only temporary, and as long as you’re not using hot water it should be fine. Also, don’t just soak the parts. You should get a toothbrush, dunk it in the soapy water and scrub away. However, if you’re just doing a straight build you don’t even need to wash the parts.

Qubeley is a old HGUC = like 30 stickers, so want them to stick, hence the washing.

But you misunderstood what I meant.

I was asking, has anyone every tried soaking their spures in warm water before cutting, to reduce the brittleness of the plastic, and make it cut cleaner?

Hmm, no I have not. If you don’t dry off the plates right before hand, it might make your nippers rust.

I haven’t either, but it’s an interesting observation. Like you, I don’t really have the space to give it a try, haha. Maybe next year, when I get my own place.

Interesting hypothesis. Try it out! I wonder though, wouldn’t it make the plastic more likely to stress when cutting?

So you think soaking in hot watter will make nub marks less visible? Is that the question? Hmm that is intresting. Ive got an unbuilt model laying around somewhere maybe ill try this.