Question for Bandai Metal Build buyers (order never shipped)

Hey everyone, I made my first purchase from USAgundamstore last year, and sadly it’s also looking to be my last.

Specifically I pre-ordered the Metal build Eva 02

The release date was supposed to be “January” 2020, and although my payment was taken, mine has never shipped. I have inquired numerous times with customer support, but they haven’t been helpful in the least other than to tell me “Bluefin says it’s still coming”, no ETA, no details whatsoever. I really do want the figure for retail price, which is why I haven’t given up and demanded a refund yet, but I’m very close.

Is there anyone else who browses these forums who pre-ordered this or other Metal Build figures? Any similar experiences? If I hadn’t heard from multiple sources that USAgundamstore was a trustworthy store I would have written my order off as a scam long ago.

First usagundam is a reputable company, I’ve Pre-ordered through them many times and have never had any issue.

I’d suggest getting hold of them again, they have good customer service.

Also, if it comes to this, there is a law about this

" What is the Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Rule?

The Rule requires that when you advertise merchandise, you must have a reasonable basis for stating or implying that you can ship within a certain time. If you make no shipment statement, you must have a reasonable basis for believing that you can ship within 30 days. That is why direct marketers sometimes call this the “30-day Rule.”

If, after taking the customer’s order, you learn that you cannot ship within the time you stated or within 30 days, you must seek the customer’s consent to the delayed shipment. If you cannot obtain the customer’s consent to the delay – either because it is not a situation in which you are permitted to treat the customer’s silence as consent and the customer has not expressly consented to the delay, or because the customer has expressly refused to consent – you must, without being asked, promptly refund all the money the customer paid you for the unshipped merchandise."


Hey MR_JQ, thanks for the feedback. To their credit, the last time I was given a response back in July, I was told that I could have a full-refund if I wished it. As I said initially, I’d much rather have the order that I paid for than the money(the aftermarket is already brutal), so I’ve just been keeping a slim hope alive for that. Again, no actual details on the stock for the MB in question though. I even tried reaching out to Bluefin “CS” once and was basically given the runaround to ask the retailer instead.

I’ve been hoping to see a post from anybody else who ordered this figure from them though, as I can’t be the only one. I’ll send another inquiry this week, though I don’t have high hopes for an actual development.

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USAGundamStore hasn’t ever given me any problems. I’ve pre-ordered and bought numerous items from them and haven’t ever had any issues. This forum is now owned by USAGundamStore, it’s possible that the owner will see your post and reach out to you.

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What other item(s), if any, did you purchase (preorder) along with that metal build?

That would be nice, but so far it’s been me doing 100% of the outreach, I’m not sure they ever would have contacted me about this 8-month overdue order at all if I wasn’t actively asking.

Just the Metal Build EVA. All of the Japanese webshops had sold out quick and somebody referred me to USAgundamstore along with a 10% off coupon. Seemed like a great opportunity at the time.

Hm… :thinking: Interesting… Because they waited till EVERYTHING come into stock before shipping out if you have other items preordered and/or backordered along with it.

Maybe you want to call them up on the phone for quick service or send PM to @AdamUSAGS, after all, he runs the place.


Id also like to point out we’re (globally too) still in a pandemic. So manufacturers, customs, transit, and companies are still being affected. Many places are still seeing delays.

Oh I know, and I didn’t worry for the first third of the year because of that. But this far along I don’t get how that could still be the reason. Bluefin did ship stock to other domestic sellers like Entertainment Earth and BBTS months ago. They’ve been distributing again since mid-June.

So I don’t know if they oversold their stock and are refusing to admit it or what…

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I don’t think USAGUNDAM would do anybody shady. I think you might be contacting the wrong person or address

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Looks like maybe they have the date wrong, or are awaiting more shipments, everybody else has them shipping later half of 2020.

I think the bbts listing is actually a second round of pre-orders, they initially had it listed earlier in the year for less($240). I am curious about it though.

The P-bandai one is actually a new color-scheme version altogether. It’s not super-obvious, but there are metallic paint highlights that the original doesn’t have.

Totally understand how you feel. Not to hijack your thread, but pretty much same thing happened, except on eBay. Long story short was preordered a P-Bandai kit last year, and nothing happened. The only message that seller replied, after handful of message sent, was “supposedly” will ship, that was 6 months ago. Do not think it will ever ship out. And likely will have to post the username of the seller so people can either avoid him or be more cautious when purchasing from him. Really not looking forward to do that, but likely unavoidable at this time.

With USAGundamStore though, at least they are in the states and under certain consumer laws, you probably can go after them if necessary. Hopefully it will not come to that. And as mentioned, you should contact them or try to get a hold of Adam to see what they can do for you. They even have physical store, so you can probably go to them if you live within the vicinity.

Not to make excuses for them, but one of the possible scenario could be that your order happened to be skipped over by mistake. Happens all the time, people make mistakes. It is the repeating mistakes that are most annoying…

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Thanks for the feedback so far everyone, it’s interesting to see how most here only have good experiences. I know that MBs sellout in seconds and are generally mecha-actionfigure grails, so I’m sure my difficulties are stemming from the item I ordered as opposed to something more standard. Still… the lack of feedback has been a poor experience, especially considering this store charges upfront, rather than at release.

I did send another email inquiry this week, no response yet. Also tried PM’ing @AdamUSAGS as someone suggested, but I guess this account doesn’t have the privilege, because it wouldn’t let me. EDIT: I guess that was an account level thing, it works now.

How can I help sorry I missed this on here and not sure why we didn’t get back to your email send me a email to and I can see what’s going on for you.

Hey, thanks for dropping in. I forwarded the support email I made afew days ago to you.

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Soo tentative update here, if anyone is curious:

AdamUSAGS checked in and apparently my order was lost/misplaced from the warehouse. Which means, I suppose, that they actually did receive their stock and ship out to customers, but somehow, I got singled out for some incredibly bad-luck and was never told about it. So that was disappointing, but made sense as to why I’m the only one with this problem.

On the upside, I was told that a new order could be gotten and sent in a short time. I admit I’m dubious about this, but I still gladly accepted and am hoping for good news. Last we spoke was nearly a week ago, and was told that a new order was confirmed to arrive at USAgundamstore “soon”.

Hoping for the best but prepping for the worst as usual.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!


I’ve gotten many pre-order Bandai items from them ranging from Star Wars Limited Star Destroyer to my Metal Structure Nu Gundam.

Well it’s Nov 2nd and I don’t have anything positive to report. I was talking with Adam through emails up to October 22nd and from the sound of things my shipment was right around the corner. When I asked if my item would ship before the end of October, he thought it would.

Now, things have just… gone cold, I don’t get replies to my messages anymore(not a word since Oct. 22), and I don’t have any ETAs. It’s pretty frustrating :frowning:

I have a ton of patience, and I’ve displayed more than any store has the right to ask of me, but I can’t stand getting stonewalled.