Question for all the non-Role Players here on this forum?

Hey, how come all the RP threads have thousands and tens of thousands of views, yet there are only 8 of us regular role players, one of which is brand new? What I am asking is why more people don’t RP with us? Is it my breath?

Who knows, that said I personally like the smaller group we have.

Well the view count is like that when you have multiple players checking a thread multiple times a day. Say 6 people check a thread, 3 to 4 times a day each, you are looking at 18-24 views a day. In 7 days your up to 126-168 views just from 6 people. It ads up quickly from there. Since you’ll have people stop by to just read the story. Also, you’d be surprised how many search engine hits will lead you to rp posts as well.

Yeah I’ve goten my RP and the other on Google searches I didn’t think would lead to it, it does add up quickly.

That said most people don’t like to RP it seems, it’s kind of a Niche thing, that and with it being a rather small site (I mean the number of regular posters by regular I mean at least come on once a day and post, I’ve seen numbers maybe in the 200 range) so it goes to reason that on here unlike say the Elder Scrolls RP on GFAQs it’s a bit small. Fewer people with an allready small group of people from the internet.

I’ve thought about jumping in. I used to play D&D in high school, so I’m familiar with role playing. Just not entirely sure where to start.

Plus the spam bots that rove the forum. They count as views too.

Forum member CharAznable just started a SEED RP. You could jump in on that one. And ZRC is about to start a new RP.

As someone with extensive RP experience both table top, and forum based (I ran a gundam message board rp site from 2005 through well I still have it, but it has been pretty dead the last year, and a half) I can tell you, gundam rp doesn’t even rank up to a niche. The most active players I ever had was 25, and that was on a site completely devoted to roleplaying, and we were in the middle of Canada’s Seed/Destiny fan boom. I haven’t seen many numbers over 7 to 10 in recent years on any site. Honestly I am surprised that you all have as many rpers as you do. Finding players can be extremely hard, and the turn over rate is crazy. Lots of people move on the second anything comes on with their lives, which no one can blame them for that, but it’s just an example about how difficult these things can be.

Thwalker, if you played D&D you are already over qualified to play lol. Really all you have to do to rp in this style is write a little story, and you only have to really worry about it covering 3mins max most of the time. A sentence or two, or even a couple of paragraphs, whatever you want. Just take into account what others say is going on around you, and react with in it.

Yeah I went into DM-ing with no experience and a Trillogy is just now ending over a year later, dosen’t take much besides some creative writeing and some management skills here and there dosen’t really take much on it.

Aye, ZRC, first time I RPed on the internet. I did the whole D20 stuff, this is a lot more fun than that. We rarely veto an idea, I think I flat out said no 3 maybe 4 times to an AW idea one of the players had. Otherwise we just work around it or ignore canon if it doesn’t have a major impact.

Id say star off with either War-Torn Horizon or ZRCs upcoming RP. They allow you more fleixibilty and creativity. But whatever you choose give it your best.