Question about MG unicorn kits

I’ve heard that the some of the MG unicorn kits aren’t stable. Does this go for all of them? Even the Banshee ones?

Did you mean on the joint? I got 2 MG unicorn, the early ver ka and the full armor, both has better joint than my other kits, since they don’t use polycaps, quite strong. My FA unicorn able to hold all the weapon (minus the booster) on its own feet.
Although many fragile pieces. I broke the split v-vin and the flap on front skirt due to too much transforming. I don’t know about the banshee, though since i haven’t get one.

I mean generally because I can’t remember anything specific.

Well, in general, MG Unicorn quite sturdy. Some parts may come off easily during transformation process like knee armor and back leg thruster cover, but once it put back it stay on it place. Maybe on par woth sinanju, according to my experience.

Hobbylink.TV went over an issue with the hip torso joint section, in the same review as the Phenix, seems to happen to the MG kits that have a heavy load on the back.

MG Unicorns appear nice and solid in Unicorn mode. However, once you attempt to transform them into Destroy mode, they reveal their true nature. They suck. Parts fly off, and the things start to have weight distribution and balancing issues.