Qubeley MK2 arm & shoulder WIP

A sharing on my WIP qubeley MK2 arm & shoulder process, there are some videos explain in detail how i work on each part, hope this can give you guys some inspirations



:heart: Lovely panel lines mate !! And so clean !! Do you planing on do a custom paint scheme or original one ?

Yes, with these new panel lines i guess i can do something like iron man suit color combination, like metallic red & gold. I am thinking if flat black & a lighter metallic red can also be added.
I will post the finished product up once done

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Perhaps you should change your mind , the colour scheme of ironman is overused too much. Just my opinion tou !

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haha, yea, i am still just brain storming… but metallic red is definitely the main color because that is requested by the model kit owner