Q-Tips: Tips and Tricks I've picked up along the way

So I want to start a thread about things I’ve learned and Tips/Tricks that might be helpful for new modelers. Most of this is stuff I’ve picked up from around the internet other model builders, and mini painters.

My First Q-Tip is going to be centered on removing paint. (Just so happens to be what I’m doing atm)

Purple Power, and Simple Green will remove almost any acrylic paint and Future (Pledge) top coat.
I’ve tested this on Tamiya, Vallejo, Secret Weapon Miniatures, and Turbo Dork brands without any part damage.
I found that Oxi-clean + Hot Water will remove Tamiya acrylic paint very well, again with no part damage.

Along with this I recommend getting dollar store tooth brushes, they help scrub off paint without being too harsh.

IF the paint doesn’t come off very easily after soaking in one of these, I found that you can use Magic Erasers to help remove any lingering paint. It’s best to cut them down into smaller pieces to get the most bang for buck out of these, because they don’t last long.

I hope you guys find these helpful and I’ll keep trying to update this thread.


Easy Lenses

So on a lot of kits you’ll get clear parts that look ok. They can be made better with foil tape and some clear green paint.

The foil tape: can be purchased from a any hardware store, I found this in the ducting section of mine. I think this ran me $6-$9, and I’ve had it since 2010 so it’ll last a long time.

Clear Green paint: I use Gundam Marker GM51 (it’s supposed to be metallic green, but only comes out clear green for me? Cannot verify others, so use at own risk.)
Any clear paint will work, but I’ve found this to be easiest.

For this example I’m doing the bazooka lens on PG

Simply cut a small piece of fill out to the approximate size of the underside of clear part.

Next apply the foil to the underside of the clear part. Trim off any excess in places that won’t be visible or will cause fitting issue. (For this, the sides and top) Place your clear part into place.

Color your clear part. (If using airbrush or other method, do this ahead of time, giving time for paint to dry. It should also be noted that if there’s other parts nearby that you don’t want paint on to also do this in advance)

Finally place your other pieces into place, and viola! (Just a note on the bazooka, that I’ve made notches into the cover to be easily removed later when I’m ready to paint the rest.)

This foil can also be put behind other clear parts such as eyes and others to make them pop in light.

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