PS3: Mobile Suit Gundam - Battle Operation

A new free online game where you participate in 6 on 6 battles with other players. You can fight in mobile suits and on foot. Also there appears to be customization. Downloadable from the PSN starting in June.

More info:

Japan only more than likely but if anyone can confirm that it WILL be a US release I guess I will be buying a PS3.

I have a PS3. So I’m praying it comes out here in the states.

Or you could register a JP PSN and get it, since odds are that will work. Language barrier might be a little bit of an issue with other players, but in the game it’s self (menus and the such) isn’t that bad.

I must say that this game looks very fun and the out-of-Gundam on foot is new to me, I’m gonna be hijacking if allowed n__n
I’ll get this on Day 1 from the Japanese PSN for free after all. I’ll be listing for some more info.

Yeah I just hope I have better internet sometime come June, pretty sure I will since the heating bill won’t be to bad once we move here next week.

Also looks really polished for a Free to play game, which is great, not only that it seems that the on foot combat looks like it will play a tacticle aspect, for suit repair, and maybe geting some opjectives, because after all a 20m Tall death machine isn’ allways stealthy. Also the Grapleing system looks fun too. This might just be the Gundam game I’ve been waiting for. I hope suit combat’s on par with Gundam 0081, just with some tweaks too.

My thoughts exactly, I wouldn’t have mind paying for this at all. But maybe the profit will come in from the DLCs if they decide to do so, without breaking the game.

I’ve been putting off making a Japanese PSN. But if this doesn’t come out in the states then I suppose I’ll have the excuse I’ve been waiting for.

We had a conversation about this on /m/.

You won’t be region locked for having a US IP.

I just can’t wait until it comes out.

Woohoo! Now I really can’t wait. I have been waiting for another good PS3 Gundam game.

Finally got to see the vid footage, and all I have to say is it looks even better than the pics made it out to be. (I’m on my schools net and not my crappy dail up)

Don’t mean to necro the topic but forth vid is out and It should come out in a couple hours on PSN, at least what I learned from the beta


If anyone wants to play add BrightSlapped

Is there any word at all if us over here in the states will be able to get our hands on this?
all you have to do is this, it will probably never come stateside so just dl it on PSN via their network, games region free anyway

Well that doesn’t seem to hard.

for those that want to keep track till release, should be released sometime in the morning their time