Procedures for Replicating Decals

Anybody ever tried to replicate the decals(mainly waterslides) that come with Bandai kits. What might be the best way to do that? What type of scanner might be the best for it? Any suggestion for decal papers and printer type. I tend to destroy frequently when I apply decals on parts, because they are so small. Looking for a way to replicate before applying now.

Replicate the Bandai decals for personal use probably will not have any copyright issue and all, but you still might want to be careful on that part.

In any case, as mentioned in a reply in the thread More ThunderBolt series please! , there were some posts and website mentioning how to produce decal, so you might want to give those some times to read…

The problem with making decals is you can’t print white and if you use clear decal paper your colored decals are somewhat transparent and your based paint can affect the decal color ( blue paint+yellow decal= yellow withslight green tint) when you use a normal print. You can kinda compensate for this by experiencing with the color values of the decal or by use whit decal paper and trim the decal very carefully.

As for printers you can use an ink jet or laser printer just buy paper for the correct printer.

When using an ink jet printer you need to let the decal dry and apply several light coats of clear to protect the decal from water.

With a laser printer you just print and your good to go.

You can printer white and colors with a white toner printer, but you can’t print true black.

There is a certain type of laser printer (i can’t remember the model) that will print white, black and color, but they are hard to find and expensive because they are printers from the 90’s and no one makes them any more.

That was a good point. But, no offense, unless attempting to mass producing the decals or printing a lot of them, otherwise, white toner printer really not worth it. It seemed to be running in thousands of dollars for one, even the presented ones.

In any case, if interested, there seemed to be offerings from Alps, HP, and Oki, or Oki data, just to name a few.