Principality of Zeon

So under the flag of zeon, did you believe more in the ways of the Zeon Zum Deikun or Degwin Sodo Zabi/Zabi family?

Personally I enjoy Deikun’s contolism and newtype theories, which makes zeon look like a very docile regime anyway. Only really until Degwin did anything become aggressive, and even worse with Gihren. I don’t hate all of the Zabi family though.

Garma has to be my favorite Zabi. Char’s best friend only to die at his hand by something Garma had no control over. Garma also reminds me of Angelo Sauper (in which should be the other way around chronologically, but I enjoy angelo sauper more so I suppose he comes first) who is also close to Full Frontal.

The other, who to a lesser degree, is Dozle Zabi. Patriotic and Powerful leader of the great Solomon, he didn’t strike me as quite corrupt as Gihren/Kycillia/Degwin were. He also fathers Mineva, so that’s an intense plus. He was extremely valliant and led his troops courageously so I have a high respect for him.

However I do completely blame the Zabi family for the failure of the One year war. If it hadn’t been for their horrible “who can kill who worse” bit and causing war between themselves and zeon ultimately destroying their very military from the inside, Zeon might have come out victorious. Not only that but Gihrens ideals and decision of dictatorship made me upset. Rather than Deikun and eventually Degwin’s ultimate decision for peace, Gihren wanted to force natural selection under his own hands for newtypes.

I extremely love these two notable mentioned Gouf pilots, Norris Packard and Ramba Ral. Both found motivation in protecting a loved one, and were also both brave and spirited leaders. I do enjoy Ramba Ral’s comedic personality though, so I like Ramba moreso.

M’Quve was quite a lovely character to me. I don’t know why, but I kind of loved how his head worked. Very clever in fighting the gundam, and I almost want to say that char ruined the flow of his battle, but I digress.

So, in case you took the time to read, or not, tis all good, what did you think of the Zeon Empire? Of course, I only based around the one year war, feel free to go all the way to 0096.

I concur with your views of Zeon Deikun’s views of Colonial self-governance and his Newtype theories. Degwin definitely ruined what was suppose to be a utopia for Spacenoids.

As for M’Quve, I did not like him. He used underhanded tactics to gain an advantage over his enemies (Operation Odessa).

Zeon Zum Deikun. You should know that above everyone on this forum SFA. I have been in love with Zeon since I saw them, and would gladly carry out the word and beliefs of Zeon Zum Deikun.

Out of this list, I’d go with Zeon Deikun; Gihren is far too evil for any sane person to follow. If it were a list of ALL Zeon movements, it would be Char’s Neo Zeon.

I can’t wait to move down the line in watching more of U.C.

I haven’t really dove into the spectrum of Neo Zeon other than Unicorn. I’m excited and I wonder if it’ll change in how I see some of Zeon’s ideals.

Y u no watch Zeta yet, SFA?

He must be punished devilish grin! On a more serious note my thought was “he hasn’t seen CCA yet!?”

Sorry for the bump, but I just saw this topic, and had to comment.

Zeon Deikun by far. The Zabi’s where Tyrants pure and simple the only two worth a damn in my book were Dozle and Garma, but besides that, none of them (well besides Minerva, but this was all before her time she was what 1 at this time) Deikun was never trying to control everything he just though 1. Spacenoids should be Free, and 2. Made the Theory of Newtypes, and that earth is no longer needed.

About pilots under the Zeon flag, I enjoyed them all pretty much, Ramba Ral for what you said and the fact he was based on Irwin Rommel, M’Quve got him killed so he can die in the nearest hole IMO, of course I’m a Char fan (obviously durr) but he wasn’t really under the principality flag, as much as he was under the republic’s. (For obvious reasons) I also liked Garma, who basically got killed because of the circumstance, and Dozle of course because he was an honarable man for the most part.

If I had to chose a Neo-Zeon movement, it’d be Char’s it was basically a more forceful version of Zeon Deikun’s Zeon, led by his Son. And all the other Neo-Zeon’s have been just imposters, Haman, was looking to restore the Zabi’s, don’t really Trust Full frontal.

Same here, id have to say SFA has all of what id have to say down pat. the only difference is that Zeon Deikun is a more prevalent peaceful ruler. and if Either Garma or Dozel (preferably Dozel) hadnt of perished its possible that if they managed to end the infighting (or better yet wipe out Kycilia and especially Girhen) i thinke one or both of those Zabis could have successfully ended the war with victory in thier favor. and of course Dozel would have been the strongest of the two benevolent Zabis to be a strong leader of Zeon. so yeah lol

Zeon Deikun, I like his views. But before i really got into the series and understood what was goin on i orginally sided with the earth. Hail Zeon

You’re not the only one to have been attracted by the Earth before obtaining and being entrusted the truth. Well I hadn’t decided to become a supporter or advocating of any of them when I did register/sign up. Since then, I’ve only read negative yet crucial facts concerning TEF and I’ve hardly discovered and been introduced to negative aspects about the Zeon, Zabi excluded.

Says he supports us. Then writes “The Zeon are so stupid, if their leader told them Santa Claus exists, they’d really beleave them.” It sounds like he doesn’t know what to belive. Im sure he will figure it out.