Primer and Testor's One Coat Lacquers?

I am about to use some Testor’s One Coat Lacquers on a model kit. I’ve done this before with fantastic results, but it’s always been white paint on white plastic or blue on blue, etc. Well, I’m about to use red on top of yellow and brown plastic and I don’t want the plastic color to come through.

I am going to try testing on some bits of runner to see if a few coats will look okay without primer first. In the likely event that I dislike the results, what is the best primer to use for these paints? I am assuming the “One Coat” label is a gimmick and these are just normal lacquer paints, but I’d like someone’s input on the matter.

Thanks in advance, friends!

I used these on my Sinanju. I used the One Coat Lacquer Gold for the trim. It does do good with one coat, but coat the parts in a light mist spray a little at a time. And you should be fine.

One one coat means you don’t have use primer or clear coat. Which I love these paints I decant them for airbrushing. Testers makes primer for them as well and is very good. I do still recommend using primer and clear coats.