Pricklys WiP

My first build in a while just doing this particular kit cause its high availability in my area . I’m just kinda getten the feel for some basic techniques?


It looks good!

Does look good. is that a sticker for the gold? If so impressive you got it on there i can imagine that was difficult

Basic nub work looks good and are those stickers that you used for the gold trim? Lining looks a bit thick, though.

They are stickers; Actually they were not that bad to place the green one for the eye was cause it was a small circle on a rounded peg LOL, and on top of that it doesn’t even show X_X. I used to always hate placing stickers but im taking my time ( thats all ive done in 2 days ) so i dunno, im loving it. i found once i place them if they are a bit off i can kind of drag them with my finger? Next model i want to experiment with sanding the nubs. Would it sand to normal plastic or would i have to paint to cover that scaring?

You don’t necessarily have to paint the parts to cover up the scarring from the sand paper. What you can do is progressively use finer grit sand paper. That will eventually give the plastic an overall smooth surface that looks natural and “unsanded”. I have a sheet of 1500 grit that I use to smooth everything out before painting, but for what you’re wanting to do. I’d try to find 2000 or higher.

Sinanju is a great suit, great buy. As long as you’re happy with the colors it comes molded in originally, there are plenty of options to smooth out the nubs. You can use good old files and sandpaper, or things like tamiyas rubbing and polishing compounds.

Polishing sticks from beauty salons do a great job of restoring a level of shine to sanded areas. Going all out would mean the polishing compounds that IamZero mentioned. Never used them myself, but I’ve seen it used on clear parts and it works well.

Completion immanent , pics soon!

Can’t wait to see it!

Sweet! I’m looking forward to seeing it completed.