Pricklys Mostly Compleates

It’s been a while since i could get on the site, and for some reason i open my browser today and guess what was in an open tab!!! i was to stoked to see GunForum back from … wherever? Story short i have completed (missing minor details or small spots to paint ) 4 kits i will share :smiley: yes.

Will start with this. [3rd kit i completed.]

RX-79 (G) HG

I need to paint the knee pegs! Some how i managed to get the bar on the shield but didn’t get around to the knee pegs XD.

More coming later!!

MS-07B ‘Gouf’ [2nd Kit Completed]

I painted and striped off the paint on the sword 3 or 4 times before i settled and realized only i saw the lumpy paint job up close. LOL

The kits are looking good. The Gouf could use some clearer pics, though. How come it took you a while to settle on the sword?

They look good mate. Nice job. And good luck on those knee pegs. Lol.

They look good mate. Nice job. And good luck on those knee pegs. Lol.

Thank you! … I know right i dread those pegs

Thank you !!! I agree ill retake the pics soon ; The sword i just didn’t like how splotchy the paint went on … threw trial and error i got it. that was the first larger area iv painted for a modal so learning experience. You could really tell that i layed the paint bad the first 2-3 times though.

That sword looks really good. A very smooth paint job. Both of the kits looks great.

looks like good work there! I too hate the knees on that HG,I finally gave up and custom painted mine mostly black

Thank you! :3

XDDD I fer sure feel you on that. I could see that happening when i go to paint them. ><

The Gouf and the Ground Gundam both look great and very clean. You did a great job on the Gouf’s sword. That yellow is really smooth and pops very well. Great work man!

Wow they look awesome! Really like how they look!

Thanks! :3 I too really love the yellow , i used it on some thruster parts as well pics of those shortly.


MSN-06S Sinanju
[1St Kit]

This was the first kit i didn’t when i decided to pick Gunpla back up as a hobby. Alot of first in this build; Such as first time attempting clean nub work with sanding, first paneling/shading , and first patient sticker lay. Basically focus on clean finished product

It looks good. What happened to the shoulder in the third pic?

MS-14F ‘Gelgoog Marine’[4th Kit/Most Recent]

I loved this kit ! Gelgoog’s are one of my favorite mobile suits (Originally i was looking for one from 0079, Chars or MassP , but the place i like to order was sold out so i picked up this one i think ill try for the Jaegers next.
This was the first kit i really went deeper with the paint into the thrusters ETC. (ill have to add the foot work i did!) The yellow didn’t match the 0083 color pallet but … it’ll grow back LOL.

Since this kit i scooped up the 0079 Project V set and a Mass P RX-78-2 both [HG] ill postem to WiP.

Bit of ink smudge , wrong marker LOL , and dust? the camera did make it look warped but mostly a play on light?

Another good set of kits you got there. Really nice sticker work on that Sinanju. Looks almost painted on since it’s so smoothly applied. Which thrusters were painted on your Gelgoog? I’m looking at the back shot and I think the big thrusters are painted, but I’m not sure.

Yep, the Gelgoog , anything with that gold/yellow matte paint. (Or well lightly glossed) i also did grey accents on the chest of the gelgoog. The normal pallet for 0083 thruster color is like this Orange-Red color and i can only find that in a set so yellow-gold works :3.

I plan on going back and doing all the kits! come to think of it i believe i did the feet on the Gouf as well I will have to add those pics XD.