As a great fan of robots and mecha of all kinds, I really wish that there were good kits of Transformers as they appeared in robot mode. Not just little kits of the toys (which there were), but stylized replicas that didn’t transform and just looked cool standing there.

Unfortunately, that’s not something that seems to be out there. However, the next best thing, of course, is making your own! Sometimes, I’ll come across a Gundam (or other) kit that is surprisingly similar to a Transformer, or some other robot, and I can have a blast re-purposing it and customizing it.

That’s what happened when I came across the Gundam Tryon 3 from Build Fighters Try. I was not impressed with this goofy quasi-super robot. However, after some thought, I realized it would make a dandy model of G1 Predaking, and a great way to combine his toy and animation models! So, I set to work modifying the kit and created something completely one-of-a-kind.

Check out my take on a model of G1 Predaking at the link below! There are lots more pictures there. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

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Wow, that is a great looking kit right there.

As for Transformers kits, there are the Furai models by Flame Toys.

Thanks man!

Yeah, I have the Skywarp, and I NEEEED that Drift. Oh My God do I need that thing! Still, there’s no kit of Predaking! (Yet).