Plamobot's build thread (with occasional WIP)

I’m usually too lazy to post works-in-progress…so I’ll mostly use this thread for stuff I’ve finished already.

Without further ado, let’s get to my latest build…a big green monster!

Get this kit, people. It’s awesome.

The HGUC Zock! One of the strangest kits around. Looks good. (And sorta cute.)

Great looking kit man. I remember fighting that thing on Journey to Jaburo. I hated it.

We make some really odd MS designs. Oh well sieg zeon anyway lol. Looks good man.

That is so adorable I am gonna die.

Probably one of the roundest Zeon suit designs I’ve ever seen. A rival for the Feddie Ball, haha.

This suit reminds me of that weird suit from zz with the rotating cockpit. Or rather that suit reminds me of this.

Anyways I love the gundam crush! Die Amuro!!!

Glad you guys like it. Here’s a few more:

Cruise mode!

Too bad I don’t have any scale beads…

How could anyone find that thing cute? :???:

It looks well made though, so kudos.

i find it outright adorable… I would honestly laugh if i saw it in combat…Only to be particle cannoned to death

It’s all a matter of opinion. The fact that you can remove the armor surrounding the mono-eye is great.

2nd post of pics reminded me of Mr. Potato Head, albeit a deadly one. If Zeon designers and engineers decided to base the next weapon of war out of a Mr. Potato Head. I can kinda see that happening, haha.

Had no idea that you could remove the armor. That is pretty cool. Does the mono-eye move or is it in a fixed position?

The monoeye moves. It slides along a track all over the top and whatever “front” side of the suit you choose. (Technically, the Zock has no true front or back, but you know what I mean.) Next up will be another amphibious Zeon suit. :slight_smile:

As for the claims of cuteness…can’t really disagree. The SD Zock is even better; I want one, but it’s only available as part of a 3-pack with an Acguy and Gogg, and those are ugly as sin.

Finished another one! This kit went together really fast.

HGUC Char’s Z’Gok!

Claw time.

Drunken bender.

I got this idea from reddit user gsrjohnmichael.

Zoidberg ahahahahah

Very nice man you should get a GM and gut him. Heheheh

Thats cool to see,Possible my second favorite amphibious mobile suit. I love the zoidberg pose to that’s hilarious

Looks good, and no visible nub marks on any of the dark pieces (at least none that are obvious). You got detail work planned for this guy or leaving him as is?

Great looking Z’Gok man. I have this kit and it’s one of my favorite old HGUC kits. And your certainly looks very clean. Well done man.