Pla Plate

If there is a thread already about this Mods please add this to that thread. if not here goes, what exactly is pla Plate, Whats it mainly used for and to be frank, how sturdy is it?

Pla Plate are sheets of blank plastic of varying thickness that can be cut, bent, and molded to fill or modify existing plastic. Modelers use this to create custom armor, weapons, or just modify their kits. I’m sure you’ve seen the custom builds where the armor is just slightly tweeked to create a more realistic or custom look. That is done via Pla-Plate.

It’s sturdiness would depend on it’s thickness.

Whats the best thickness for say…Weapons?

It depends what kind of weapons you’re making. Are you making swords?

A Custom Beam sword with clear pla plate. Yes my current sword (the one ive built) is great, but after FINALLY learning about pla plate, I wanted to know what would the conditions of the pla plate have to be to make a weapon as such.

Not to mention a physical sword as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Id like to learn more about pla plate too. Is there a special glue you have to use on it?

Sweet. I can’t help you on this subject, since I haven’t done anything with pla plate, but I suggest researching it and measuring out the thickness.

pretty much what im looking for is probably 2-4mm sheets, should that do the trick?

Hmmm, how about .5mm thick plates? Thin enough to be cut without spending too much time, yet thick enough to be sturdy for sanding, putty work, cementing, etc. without getting bent easily.

I have a plate of it now and it looks to be a close match to the thickness of plastic you see in an HG kit.

They also make clear rods, if you’re looking at making something a bit more round.

so 5mm pla plate is perfect for what im looking for. im trying to basically do the flate beam saber approach or flat physical sword approach. is 5 mm what im looking for?

My vote goes for .5mm thick plates, yes. That thickness doesn’t bend easily and has room for sanding an edge.

.5mm or just 5mm?

Also, where the heck can find either?

Go for .5mm and not 5mm. 5mm is actually pretty darn thick, haha.

You have a hobby store nearby or no? If not, you got two options, both of them online: HLJ (for Tamiya Pla Plate) or domestic online retailers like or (for Evergreen Styrene products which are the same thing).

If you have a Hobbytown USA nearby, they carry styrene plate. That’s where I get mine.

No hobbyshop in sight…Mississippi is still behind on Hobbies such as mine…in other words fellas im in a land full of people who hunt dip and chew for sport (and not in that particular order…at the same time) and don’t even know what a model kit is, and the only “hobby shop” that I know of is in the South part of the state and I live up in northern MS…so you can see my problem lol.

As for HLJ and the other online retailers ill look into them. thanks for the warning. also, could you give me the English (traditional) read out of .5mm (is it what about .100"?)

Dude, I double-checked my stuff and gave you some FUD. Sorry about that.

Go for plates that are .040 inches and .060 inches in thickness. That translates to around 1.2mm if you’re going with metric measurements. That should give you some good plates for your sword-crafting.

So im looking for pla plates that are around 1.0-2.0mm in thickness?

Yep, that’s right. 2mm may be too thick and 1mm may be too thin so see if you can find something in between.

Ill see what I can do. Thanks D!