Pinski1015's completed kit thread, back into Gunpla after 10yrs

These MG’s are a real step up from the old NG wing kits.

This is an awesome kit. But not perfect, issues are of course the weighty backpack, the locking mechanism for the cloak, I broke one of the red chest pieces and some pieces attached to the skirt armor like to pop off. Very glad I got this kit after being away from this hobby for over ten years. It’s nice not building hollow models that can’t stand on there own.

Apologize for the pic quality

Disclaimer… If you don’t like wing, don’t view this thread, I’ll most likely be building wing kits for awhile

I can’t see much, but still :

That’s the best kit for you to have assembled, companion.


Looks magnificent (as it always does)

A little arrogance in here xD


Got the lock mechanism figured out for the cloak.

Thank you for the kind words. Will hopefully get a new camera soon.

Despite the blurriness, the kit still looks really good man. Did you do anything special or was it a simple out of the box build.

I only paint my car models. This was just simple snap together out of the box.

It still looks really good man. Very well done.

I knew I looked badass without painting XD

Thank you!

Future kits after Christmas; MG Sandrock EW, Wing Gundam EW, and maybe PG Wing Zero Custom, Jury is still out on that one.

You definitely cannot go wrong with the MG Wing kits.

Have you considered attending to Shenlong yet ?

Eventually. Probably around february.

I look forward to your Wing Gundams! I’m quite the fan of Heero’s mobile suits. Will you take on the Tallgeese as well?

Yes eventually. Gonna hold off and wait for the reviews to come in.

Oh no thats perfectly fine <3 I love Wing. Welcome back to the Hobby. Yeah when I built D-Hell one or two years ago that got me hooked back into Gunpla. Due to time restraints and budget, I could never build kits as a kid. Now as an adult I’m all in baby. I dig your D-Hell. If I find photos of my kit I’ll throw one or two in here- I can parallel your issues with skirt armor and the backpack. He has taken around 2 nose dives and half a dozen back dives on me, so I need to get back there and repair the paint job. When I airbrushed this guy- I was hooked.

edit- Oooh boy, you’re from Indiana. If it wasn’t for my grandparents meeting there, I wouldn’t exist. Anyways, I live over in draconian Illinois. I’ll be moving out of state by mid summer. May I recommend something?


Apologize for the lack of kits. Right around the time I built deathsythe I got laid off a few days after. So I’ve been hunting for a new job and was just recently hired. MG Sandrock will be ordered this weekend.

What are you using to take your photos? If you can, set the camera to the Mirco setting. That will cut down the blurryness.

Glad you got a job :smiley:

Life and Career and get away from you sometimes. Sorry for the lack of kits just life has really taken off.

Walking through Barnes and Noble I saw this guy and had to pick him up. Still in shock they sell this stuff.

Great kit can’t stand the ammo belt.

Hell yeah. I gotta hit up barnes and noble now. I cant find gunpla locally around here. The only hobby shop in town sells primarily games workshops stuff.

Have you considered painting those missles and gatling guns?