PG Zaku II waterslide decals and other questions

Hello! New member here! I was looking for some guidance on purchasing some PG Zaku II 3rd part waterslide decals. Does any have a recommend for some good ones, that maybe don’t require precise cutting (similar to Bandai decals)? I’ve seen a bunch on eBay that don’t seem all the good, with extremely long shipping times.

Also wondering if i should use the sticker on the eye. Does it look really bad? I wasn’t going to paint it but I don’t want it looking like trash. Is it something I can access later to paint if I want, once I complete the build?

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to exploring the forum a bit.

This is the sticker for the eye that comes with it. Not horrible, but clear paint looks better IMO.

Awesome! Thanks so much for that. Is that piece accessible one the build is complete? In the event I want to go back and paint it later on.

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As long as you don’t glue things together, you can get back in and disassemble.

Amazing, very much appreciated! Anyone have any decal recommends for this kit?

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Not for this kit in particular, but Samuel Decal always has quality stuff.

samuel decal is out of stock on these decals, and sadly the dont do custom orders anymore…

Yea, Samuel was the first place I looked. :frowning:

Thanks guys.