PG Wing Zero Custom 2.0

I know they never would but if they made a PG Wing Zero Custom 2.0 would you buy one. I for one would one because i like ridiculous nonsensical angel wings on a robot every once in a long while and two ive had the PG wing zero for a long time and i DREAD having to so much as touch it. Don’t get me wrong it looks good bit its so damn fragile and finicky. If you so much as look at it wrong something will fall off. A few of the fingers are broken because they way they have them mounted a little thin pice of plastic is the only thing holding them on. And the wiring isn’t made to last any length of time. So she no longer lights up. Oh and the damn batteries are like six bucks a pop. I got it down a few minuets ago and i really regret touching it.

I’m afraid that I would not buy it. The Wing Zero Custom just doesn’t interest me enough to warrant buying a PG of it. 1.0 or 2.0

What about a MG?

I would definitely buy an updated MG Wing Zero. I wouldn’t buy a PG of it, though.

Yea they will probably never make one of those either. Lol

Yeah, you’re probably right, haha.

And if they do it will be some stupid unnecessary custom that looks so close to the original its infuriating. And ill end up refusing to buy it on principal. Lol. Looking at you proto zero

Yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the main reasons they won’t make a new one. The MG looks just fine the way it is, and people still buy it. There isn’t really any reason to spend the extra money and make a new version. If they ever do, Bnadia will most likely release it years from now, since they have so many other models that have higher priority to be released.

Very true. I love my MG Wing zero custom more that my PG Wing Zero Custom. The damn thing can hold a pose. And it isnt anywhere near as fragile. I do agree their are a lot more suits that need the MG treatment or at least a 2.0 really really bad. Like the Gouf custom. Bit if one day they decided to give us a new MG wing zero custom that had 3.0 hands a LED better proportions and more mechanical detail. I sure a heck would not complain. Thinking about how crap the PG Wing zero is just makes me appreciate how well done the PG Zaku is. Id be real disgruntled if the PG Zaku sucked as much as the PG wing zero

Yeah. Gouf Custom needs to be made, along with a newer EZ8. That was an awesome battle, and we need it to be recreated on our shelves! There’s also another kit that needs to be made: the MG Jesta Cannon. I don’t care if it’s an online exclusive, I will buy it. Bandai is doing a pretty good job of keeping fans happy in terms of the newer releases. The Ver. Ka line has been really popular, and it leads me to believe that they’re going to continue that as the December kit. That’s the release that I’m waiting for.

Heck yea. And a newer ground gundam while they are at it. If i was a feddie id pilot one of those. And yea youve got a point. The Nu ver ka and the Sazabi ver ka are freakin beautiful. Its just a lot of that guys work really makes me mad.

I get you there on Katoki. His modern redesigns are really cool, but it just doesn’t seem right for him to be taking other people’s work, tweaking things here and there, and then calling it a Ver. Ka. They should still give the original designer credit on the box at LEAST for designing the original. However, it doesn’t change the fact that we need 1/100 models of the Aries and Leo, haha.

True that. And if they made a MG Leo id so buy one. Ill leave my katoki hating for the proper thread back on topic. Do you have a PG Wing Zero? A few hours ago i got it down to clean the dust and cob webs off and i got so frustrated i just set it down and i dont really want to touch it. I usually have it hanging from my ceiling and i just procrastinate because i dont want to deal with it.

Nope. It’s a great looking model, but it’s too expensive for me.

Well if you ever change your mind, dont. Its not worth it. If they would bump the price down a bit it would be but as it stands no.

Thanks for the warning. Will steer clear of it.

Ye be forewarned! AVAST HAVE AT YOU!

The PG Wing Zero Custom is actually my first Perfect Grade. I regret building it so early, but my sister had me snap it for her. I still have it in a box somewhere, but she lost a bunch of the armor parts. I just remember how annoying the lighting was for it. I wish they would make a new MG of it, i have been meaning to pick up the MG but i don’t want to buy it only for them to make another one. It’s my favorite version of the Wing.

Yea it was my first too. So much nostalgia but damn this thing is a pain in the ass. And you might as well get MG i doubt they will ever make a 2.0

Built an HG WZC and at first if was was awesome but not it’s a nightmare for me. All the joints are looser so unless I glue them in place I pretty much have to keep the wings in one pose… it also took a header off my shelf for no known reason and broke the helmet accent piece so I had to do some repair work there. If they make a 2.0 I’d definitely buy it since it’s one of my top 3 favorite suites, but I’d really hope they come up with something new to make the wings lighter and easier to deal with. If we’re putting out dreams did they ever make a Kamfer model? One of my favorite battle scenes is from War in the Pocket…which having mentioned I need to re-watch >.>