PG Red Frame Astray Kai

Hello there everyone. New to this forum and didn’t know where to ask. So I recently purchased a PG Red Frame Astray Kai and I’ve put together the mobile suit so far. I ran in to a little bit of an issue. So the frame where the legs connect is making the model not stand up straight. Like it its bends forwards and backwards like its too heavy. When i hold it by the top portion I literally can make the legs swing back and forth. What I’m asking is there anyway I can stop that?

I have the normal PG Astray. And the legs shouldn’t do that at all. Mine is solid as a rock. And if both of yours legs are doing that, then something is for sure wrong. I’d slowly take the legs apart and see if you can find the root cause of the problem.

Are you talking about at the waist section?

There should be some Polycap material that helps hold them in place, but still lets them move, make sure you didn’t skip a step.

Also there is a piece that should hold it in place.

I was envisioning the knee sections. But reading it again it’s highly possible it is at the waist.

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