PG perfect strike gundam....progessing

This is my first PG Gundam kit. PG is overwhelming not only in terms of number of parts but also the size!!

At first I was looking for the striker packs only but unfortunately it was PB item. I thought to install the launcher pack to my skygrasper (which is what I always dream of). I almost work “full time” this week since I bought it home and this is the progress so far…

I will take an weekend break and continue, hopefully next week lol


Some good progress!

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Hello everyone. I would like to give some updates fort the progress in the second week.

The core of the Strike Gundam is near completion. Here are the paints that I have used.
White - Gundam Colour White / Testors brand gloss white
Red - Metallic Colour GX 202
Blue - Gundam Colour Blue
Gold - Metallic Colour GX 210 Blue Gold
Rose gold - Testors brand metallic copper

Perhaps I am one of the few who deem painting the inner skirt necessary. These details are mostly hidden when you flip the armors back in place.

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I’m probably one of the few in that same boat as you but knowing that you didn’t skimp on the painting of a part because it won’t be seen is still nice. And if you pose it in a way that someone could see the detail under there imagine their surprise that you did paint it

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The articulation is phenomenal! The chest body not only can be rotated laterally but also be tilted forward and backward as well as sideways! The knee joint can be completely bent such that the lower leg can kick all the way backward. It is also worth-noting that the built-in armor sliding mechanism has further extended the range of leg movement to a whole new level! Considering the time when the kit was first available (some time between 2004-2006), all these features were made possible with the state-of-art technology of the time. Most of my collection are MGs but I cannot recall a kit from the same era that can compete with the incredible articulation of PG Strike Gundam until Gundam Ver 3.0 (but quite fragile). The only ‘solid as rock’ kit with impressive articulation is the Gundam Dynames released last year. In contrast, the first MG kit of the 00 story line, Gundam Exia is a disaster (a very serious problem in standing and things fall apart).

Anyway, here is the completed base Strike Gundam. Please pardon the panel-lining, which is something that I can never improve. While I have never had the original PG Strike Gundam, several new armor parts for the head and leg are made exclusively for the Perfect Strike (based on the leftovers from the runners). In addition, the silver-coated parts were not available in the original version. The black parts for the body frame were coated with some glittering powders, which is probably the first in the history of Gundam model kits.

The plan for the coming week will be the Aile Striker unit. Then it will be the time for a long break from Gunplas.