PG MS-06 Zaku II


Amazing work on the Zaku! Looks awesome!

Very well done, awesome job.

Your Zaku looks good, you should post more pictures of it.

this is the backup build of my last commission work. The one sent to the client was 500070 and this 500071 is for me to keep.

If you asked me why I built two that’s because on previous work I somehow dropped the kit and it cost me fair bit of money and time to do it again hence why I decided to build two kits concurrently. Luckily this time there was no accident and I ended up with the copy of work. :slight_smile:

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Your doing commission work? Good for you.

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I love the green. It looks great!

I love the energy cables, at first I thought it was modded, but then realized you masked them all, great job!

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