PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword G

This was my first major project that I did (this image was taken before all waterslides were taken). Aside from from the custom paint and panel lining I added around a total of 31 LEDs including one inside lighting up the pilot’s monitor. The LEDs were added without the impairment of the model’s articulation and yes the locking joint mechanism is still in place without affecting the LEDs. This model took me about 4 months to finish and was done before my purchase of an airbrush and the wire installation planing itself took Plenty of thought behind it. This build really help improve my skills and as for the LEDs, they we all purchased from Evan Designs. its powered through two AA batteries with the ability to swap easily with a wall power source (I wired it this way) and the weapons are an easy wire plug incase I want to move the swords and gun. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy my work and yes I did make PLENTY of mistakes but I like to see it as growing my skills.


It looks great!

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thx man appreciate it

Good job! And welcome to the forum!

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it looks really nice! good job

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Thank you :+1:

You said that you finished it before you bought an airbrush. Do you mean you painted it by hand with a brush?

No, I painted it’s with Tamiya can paint. It can get the job done but you do go through paint so fast.

Ah, I see:) I usually hand brush my kits, but I cannot imagine hand paint a PG:)))

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I don’t think this would qualify for hand paint but if you like a can paint color that you want to use, you can decan the paint and use for airbrush. Just remember you have to be working in a well ventilated area

Oh and this kit was months of work.

Hand brushing is just as much hard work except with different techniques