Petition to bring Gundam back to the US

Usually I dont’ buy into this crap, but it’s to Funimation and Bandai-Sunrise…I mean if Sunrise won’t do it, Funimation might (And their Dubs ain’t that bad any more people see Hellsing Ultimate if you don’t beleive me) here’s the petition.

Why not right? Found it on Facebook and it seems to be doing well ish so far.

Welp i signed it. Worth a shot i guess.

I started to sign it. But I’m hesitant to put my actual address. Not really sure why they would need that.

Put a fake one, it’s what I did.

Anyways that’s the norm for most petitions I’ve signed internet or not.

Signed it. I put my Oregon address that I don’t really have.


Crap i put my real address. I feel bad now. NO LET THEM COME! OUR ARROWS WILL BLOT OUT THE SUN!!! THIS IS SPARTTAAAA!!!

RightStuf/Nozomi should be on that petition, as well, since they’ve got the Unicorn license. I’d love for them to get some more.

Signed that beast! If this works Itll be super kick!

I personally will never sign that petition, and hope that it goes no where. Gundam hasn’t been licensed out because Bandai will eventually try again. I would be utterly disgusted if Funimation ever got their grubby anime wrecking, bad voice acting, money grubbing hands on Gundam.

I used to think they had meh dubbing at first, then their superior DBZ Cast, and Hellsing Ultimate happened.

That said I don’t care who gets it be it them, whoever did unicorn, or Bandai them selves, I just want Dub support to be continued with Gundam.

I’d rather have Sentai or Right Stuf. Funi is the devil. In any case, I doubt Bandai will ever cede control over localizing Gundam, if anything they’ll do the localization work and contract someone else to do the distribution (see unicorn).