Perfect kits going away?

is this true? there is this new store open in the local mall…and the guy in the store say no more perfect grade kits. new lineup will start this december

i haven’t heard of this news…i hope its not true!

Not true

If that was true you’d see people complaining all over the place.

There were rumblings about that when the new $1000.00 NU-Gundam monstrosity came out that these were the new “Perfect Grades” but that was squashed really fast. So he might still be stuck on that train. If Bandai were to get rid of the Perfect Grade and replace it with something else, the PR for it would be all over the place building hype for it. You don’t cancel a very successful cash cow I mean product line without a good PR base for its replacement.

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This is very unlikely. I’ve heard rumors of a “Newer” Perfect grade that’s tagged with the Gunpla Evolution Project, rumor suggested the announcement for 9/30/19.