Pepsi Cans Featuring Gundam Released

Everybody has already seen these, so have I. But it is good to be remembered that there have been a few designed for exhibiting Gundam.

Are these for sale here in the states?

japanese exclusive only =( so chances of us seeing these stateside is pretty slim unless you happen to have a gundam fan asian market near you. Things like this makes me a little annoyed why gundam is so huge in japan and yet so many american’s buy and love gundam yet as an american society we just don’t accept anything other than our own culture which I think is complete BS.

They’re on ebay. Just type in pepsi gundam.

i’d be really interested in those, but even more would be LE RX-78-2 in the ‘pepsi max’ colors… however, mine would probably end up with a dr.pepper or coca-cola color scheme… :stuck_out_tongue: