Peaceful Gundam Argument

Ok let me start off with saying this thread isn’t for violent debates but for more of a general discussion between friends:D. So let’s try to stay peaceful. Let me start our talk with Gundam 00 since that was the first gundam I saw. I hate 00 QAN[T]. The name is so weird and the design is stupid to me. Why would you go from the amazing 00 raiser and it’s twin-drive on it’s shoulders and the amazing design it had to a more simple standard looking gundam with a large ass shield? and one of the gn drives is in the shield so if you lose that then you will be weakened. Who agrees? Exia to 00 Raiser was a step up like everyone expects. But 00 Raiser to QAN[T] is a step down. Except for quantization that could have been put in a better suit the QAN[T] sucks. why couldn’t they make a suit like, idk, AGE-2 or Zeta? that would have been more respectable. and the other gundams in that time were big and fat and were meant for space battle. What about QAN[T]?:?:

I recall QanT being an useless mobile suit. According to my memory, it simply entered this weird area, intending to annihilate something.

Allow me to compare, will you ?

The design : One of the most significant points. Considering Bandai tending to sell Gunpla, it is righteous to iniate with the designs.

00 Raiser :


Qan[T] :

I’m not a real of fan of neither of the displayed, nor am I a fan of the 00 designs themselves, Gundam throne II excluded.

Protagonist#s Gundams always possess a decent apparel, as do both of the exhibited, yet I am not fond of the desings at all.

Therefore, I strictly evaluate, by regarding impressions.
00 Raiser has obtained 1 point.

Aspect 2 : Relation between Gundam and Pilot.

00 Raiser assisted Setsuna assume a state of an innovator.
00 Raiser caused Setsuna unconciousness.
00 Raiser is a pimp.

Qan[T] has flowerz. Want some ?
Qan[T] requires Mr.Bushido sacrificing his life.
Qan[T] is equipeed with solar generators to be produced in intervals of 2 years.

00 Raiser again.

Strength : Qan[T]

Now it is 2:1.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t take 00 Qan[T] seriously enough while I was watching that movie.
Nor did I take Setsuna seriously in the movie back then.

I personally like the design of the Q (don’t want to type all those brackets and junk). I’m a fan of asymmetrical design and also like the muscular design of the body. The name IS a joke. Why not just “Quanta”? However, I agree that it does not fit in the lineage where it is at. I could see Q as a bridge between Exia and 00, but not the successor to 00. All the other pilots get significant, real upgrades that are overtly more powerful than Cherudim, Arios, and Seravee. Not to mention they all actually LOOK like progressions on their predecessors. Q seems out of place.

Yeah 00 Qan [T] did seem less power than the 00 Raiser but the main point of the movie was to gain an understanding and bring peace between the ELS and Earth. Not destroy them that’s why the 00 Qan [T] was made instead of the 00 Qan [T] Full Saber.

True that. I like that we understand my point of Q. But I guess it is stronger than 00. I just wish setsuna made peace with a stylish suit. Deathscythe, throne 2? Nah man that was sucky. It was too OP and was evil. And if my friend was here he would dislike you unsubscribe and then slap you silly about the fake GN drives. That is my friend not me. I hated the thrones and believed that they supposed to be killed. They didn’t even look good since there where all these weird curves. The only Gundam that has curves and look good would turn a.

would this have a chance against Turn A, plz say yes.
And another thing for the 00 Q. The direct timeline goes: 0 Gundam > GNY-001 Astraea & Type F & Type F2 > GN-001 Exia & Repair I & Repair II & Repair III & Avalanche Exia > GN-XXX Raisel + GNR-000 Sefer > GN-00 00 Gundam (& Seven Sword & Seven Sword/G ) + GNR-010 Raiser (& XN-00 XN-Raiser) > GNT-0000 00 QAN[T] > QAN[T] Full Saber
The only ones i like are (a lot) : 0 ACD ver, all the astraeas, all the exias except Avalanche, all the 00s, Raisel Sefer, XN 00 Raiser, QAN[T] Full Saber (since it looks like 00 Raiser), GNY-002F Sadalsuud Type F, (my fav) GN-002 Gundam Dynames, GN-006GNHW/R Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R, GN-002REI Gundam Dynames Repair I, both Zabanyas, both Abulhools, both Kyrios, GN-007 Arios Gundam (+ GN-Archer), both Harutes, GNY-004 Plutone, GNY-0042-874 Gundam Artemie, GN-004/GN-005 Nadleeh/Virtue, GN-004/te-A02 Gundam Nadleeh Akwos, GN-008/GN-009 Seravee/Seraphim, GN-00902 SEM, GM-008RE Seravee Gundam II, GN-00802 Sera, CB-002 Rapheal Gundam, CB-002/GD Raphael Gundam Dominions, GNT-0000 ELS 00 QAN[T].
Which ones do you like from Celestial Being.

I was disappointed with 00Q. My friend from my previous work was right. Let me quote the exact word he said. I remember him saying that 00 looks more “matipuno” than 00Q.

Matipuno = Macho

I completely agree. Shall i curve the topic to the side a bit? Unicorn vs 00.

No just start a new thread.

lolz, ok fine we shall continue this then, since i feel lazy. The ELS ver of QAN[T] actually looks good though now why is that? maybe because of the things on its back that I forgot the name of. I also gained a bit more respect after the thread, respect for the QAN[T].

It’s a shame that we don’t know what ELS 00Q can do. Considering what an ELS can do, it would be safe to assume it can have the same properties.

As good as it looks, I can’t really enjoy it as much as I do the normal 00Q since it only shows up at the very end and even then, it’s not in motion. What I hope it could do is to be able to change its form to whatever is needed to get a job done since ELS were able to shape-shift depending on the threat.

Also if you pay attention to the main point of Gundam. they’ve always been trying to stop a war before it started or end it peacefully. Just look at Zeon it just keeps coming back and watch the end of the movie where Shenberg says people must change or else they’ll be taking their problems into space. A reference to the UC era man. The 00 Qan [T] Most likey didn’t even show it real battle capabilities because it wanted to do the Quantum System and Qan [T] design is pretty good. Also the 00 Qan [T] Full Saber is much stronger than the 00 Qan [T] it’s capable of destroy the entire ELS invasion.

So are u saying there is still a problem in 00 after the movie which is why QAN[T] ELS was made? I thought it was because gundams were a cool way of traveling around. Like supercars. Since they only hold 2 people and are meant for recreational purposes.

No Aeolia Schenbergs epilogue. look for Gundam 00 Movie: Epilogue on youtube an you’ll see it. Basically he was whole goal of turning people into innovators so people can be able to understand each other. When people are able to understand each other then they can change because if they don’t then people will take their problems into space like the UC era. Aeolia whole goal was similar to Char’s goal of forcing people to become newtypes so people would understand each other and stop fighting.

Oh i see. But why would you need gundams to do that?

Because if Gundam are made to destroy then they pretty much don’t end war unless you’re Turn-A Gundam and when you do end war on Turn-A scale then you’re fucked. Setsuna 00 Gundam’s can bring an state of understanding so people can achieve true peace together and Hopefully they can understand where they’re coming from and create a new world.

Turn x and turn a are so unfair.

Ok since the thread is dead in attempt to revive it i shall open a new topic. Is gundam seed really that bad? I mean they made two seasons and an ova. And so many manga. And the gunpla is all over the place. My friend says it sucks. I know it isnt as great as AGe or 00 but it still has a good gundam feel to it. Also is AGE better for teens or adults?

I can’t speak to Seed as I’ve only seen a few episodes and wasn’t impressed…

As far as AGE goes, I would say it’s appropriate for young teens. I know a couple of adults who like it, but more as a way of sharing Gundam with a “new generation”, meaning their younger kids. The show itself from what I’ve seen is somewhat maddening; it’s definitely aimed at a much younger audience according to the producers themselves… From other reviews I’ve read and heard of later episodes it seems that any sense of logic or reality is thrown out the window… But ultimately- to each his own! :slight_smile: