PC Issue thread,

Hey there!

Having had difficulties coping with my PC recently, I’ve now decided to establish a thread for us to post and get our PC issues resolved.

Well, that being said, I’ll commence with mine :

So, I’ve had this problem for 1 1/2 years.

My PC doesn’t connect to my monitor.
It starts correctly but it doesn’t connect to my monitor.
I’m concious of the fact that it’s not my screen’s fault.

It’s been working well and it hasn’t caused me issues for the last 2 years.

Pls help.

My guess is it’s a faulty cable. You can get a new one for roughly $6-10.

What do you mean your PC is not connecting to your monitor? Are you getting a “not connected” or anything similar message on your monitor or just a blank screen?

If you’re getting a “not connected” or anything like it on your screen, it’s probably the cable, but if you’re just seeing a blank screen, there are lots of differents problems like issue on your video card, ram, or the motherboard itself.

I recommend some minor troubleshooting steps.

  • Use a different cable on your monitor. If it works, you just have to replace the cable.

  • Use a different monitor if its possible.

  • Try your monitor on a different PC.

There are other troubleshooting steps that we used to do with our old PC before it finally gave up on us, however I would not recommend it if you don’t have any experience in PC assembling. This is what we usually when we’re getting a black screen instead of a “no pc detected” or something like that.

We usually clean the the motherboard from the accumulated dust using a dry pressure air blower. We’d take off the ram and video card (assuming you’re not using the built-in video adapter of your motherboard) and clean the connectors.

If you’re planning to do the advanced steps, I’m consider you assume that there is a risk involve as you’re touching hardware parts, so I’m not really recommending it.

Another reason is that there are times that the transistors of the motherboard became bloated causing failure in the whole PC that’s why you’re just getting a blank screen.

Well, I’ve already tried out 3 different HDMI cables meaning it’s very unlikely for it to have been disabling it to function properly.
Using a different monitor is not possible :S

Well, I’ll try that out shortly.

Would you mind depicting the RAM aspect ?

So you’re using HDMI connect to it? Does it have any other inputs available, like VGA and DVI? If so, try those out and see if they work. If they work, then the HDMI input is kaput.

Hmmm the RAM somehow looks like this. It varies per generation of technology.

We would take it out, clean the board, the connectors and card slot with a pressure blower. Just be careful on this one if you’re gonna do this. Make sure to touch a metal first before doing anything side your pc in order to discharge any static electricity from your body or you could ruin your board.

Alright, here’s the updates.

I’ve newly tried to fix this problem. So, in order to do that, I was evaluating my whether my graphic card or my Ram had been malfunctioning.
Having replaced my graphics card (or is it called video card?) with the original one, I connected it to my monitor.
Nothing worked. Neither did HDMI, nor did the digital one work.

However, since I had failed to fulfil that, I decided to detach the RAM cards. I blowed it gently to rid it of the dust. I placed it in its place on the motherboard.

Everything seemd normal. Hence I concluded, it hadn’t sustained damage. But the monitor was still not working.

So, would it also work if I purchased new RAM cards ?

Probably not. Not unless your RAM is insufficiently low.

This kind of happened to my father once (He fixes computers), if I remember correctly, he changed the power supply. Though this was a very old model of a computer, and changing your power supply might not help. Still, give it a shot.

Also, if you can, try VGA… just to see.

When you turn on the machine, does the monitor say that there’s no input available or does it turn on like normal, but you get a black screen?

It says, there’s no input available.

Hmmm, you know, without a second monitor to test, it’s tough to consider that the PC is the one at fault. Does your motherboard have an integrated VGA port?


However, I’ve still got my tv try it out on.,
I’ll continue the experiments later.

Yeah, give it a try with the TV and see if it works there, then try out the VGA port on your motherboard. Make sure to remove the graphics/video card out first so your computer doesn’t get confused.

It’s been fixed.

Well, having connected my PC to the TV, I was literally astonished to see it working. I was just sitting there, watching it initate all its progresses.
Then, with that having been acknowledged, I re-arranged the cables and linked my PC to my monitor. It still malfunctioned.

Then I repeated the step I had taken before and it was working with the TV.

I remarked some jamming on the TV. The picture was being influenced.
I altered the screen resolution. Then it was working with both.

Changing the screen resolution was the solution.


I appreciate your willingness to lend me a hand, though.


Haha, the more you know. Glad to see it was a simple cause, rather than it being the monitor or your PC hardware.

Another problem : My BIOS tells me, thatmy PC only possess 2 GB RAM, whereas it’s actually 4 GB RAM installed in my PC.

Any suggestions ?

That’s simple, your RAM chips might have come loose.

If that isn’t it, then it isn’t being detected.

Install this program if you can, it has helped me on many occasion.

Is that 4GB split into two sticks or just one stick?


I appreciate the help, Shinn. I’ll try this out anytime soon.

Give Shinn’s suggestions a try first. If they don’t work, then try putting the sticks in one at a time to see if they can both be noticed on their own by the BIOS.