For the uninitiated, the Patlabor franchise is a mecha franchise that was created by Headgear and Oshii (director of GitS). It is an amazing, unique mecha franchise that always seems to be forgotten about when people discuss mecha shows. The entire animated portion of the franchise has been available in America for quite some time.

The cast of characters, the design of the Ingram, MiniPato, I love it all! Does anyone else love Patlabor?

I have heard about Patlabor but never got to see it (it’s kind of hard to find). I do like the designs that came out them though.

Right stuf has all of it, except the first OVA. The Honneamise limited collector’s releases for Patlabor the Movie 1 and 2 are worth the hefty price tag. And Pioneer’s collector’s edition of WXIII has MiniPato and is dirt cheap to boot!

I know this thread is old as dirt, but I found this a few days ago on YouTube.

And here’s part 1:

You submitted something exactly one year after the last posting had been posted. Suspicous conspiracy is in here …

I love Patlabor but some of the episodes make me sleepy, especially when they’re on downtime. The OVA’s tend to be more focused on the detective aspect and really drag on.

This topic makes me want to go up to the attic and get my old MG’s out to give them a proper build.

I love Patlabor I’ve watched the fiilms and first OVA and am currently watching ‘on TV’ - Patlabor II is beyond amazing - pure visual and aural majesty, and I don’t know why it isn’t as famous (well certainly not in ‘the west’ anyway) as GITS.

While I agree with Squee’s comment about it occasionally becoming slightly dull, I almost think that it’s on purpose to make us feel their boredom hahaha.

This just in from ANN: A Patlabor live-action movie has been announced for 2014! Below is a link to follow.

Hey, so I’m interested in getting into the Patlabor series.
For those that have seen the majority of the material, where do you recommend I start?

I recommend starting at the original 7 episode OVA. After that, you can watch both of the movies which are really good. There is a third movie but I have not seen; it’s called Patlabor 3: WXIII (this means Wasted Thirteen).

Funny, I just picked up the limited release box set of Patlabor:the movie for 10$ at a local half price book store. Very, very cool, but also very slow moving in comparison to today’s movies and shows. Still I am watching it and reading all the pamphlets in the set. I actually got interested in PatLabor from the mecha models. Saw one way back and thought it looked cool. Bought it, built it and started hunting down the series and movies.

After doing some digging on ANN, I found this article.

I’ve been getting the Palabor DVD’s that they have through Netflix. It sucks that a lot of the Gundam series have discs that are missing. You can get like 4 out of 9 discs for some of the series.

Got some new images for the live-action Patlabor film that’s coming out in 2014. By the way, those mechs are full size (the AV-98 Ingram is 26 ft. tall).

Its probably going to be cool, but in a cheesy sort of way

Yes they are real, but do they actually work or are they just for props? cause my money says those are props, and the rest is gonna be done in CG, like the Mechs from Avatar…

I think they’re props. I don’t know, I just found the pictures floating around on the net.

[gasps] Look at these posters.