Parts store

This is just an idea for the store but what about a parts store so customers can request parts and not waste a whole kit for that one arm you need.

Speaking of parts…

…I’m looking for two of these for an upcoming project and any help would be great thanks all in advance.

The problem with that idea is someone still needs to purchase the kit and part it out. Chances are it would be difficult to sell off all the parts.

On i side know. While scale are you looking for the beam saber handles in?

Fair enough still something along that idea would be cool

As for the part it’s 1/144 and I’m looking for both the beam saber handles and the side skirts that are holding them

Btw are the handles the same length and are the larger ones (like the bigger handle of the shinings saber)

On most gunpla instructions there’s a section in Japanese that says for use in Japan only that’s essentially if you break a piece you could send that slip in and get a replacement. That’s probably as close as you’ll get to what you want

Genti kits used to offer a parts replacement service. I’m not certain if they still do or not.

Interesting suggestions I’ll check them out but in forgot to mention that if there are members here that have those parts and are will to sell message me lol

this kind of situation is where a 3D printer would come in handy, and if you had the image files of the parts.

Actually, there are some sellers that sell just the parts, but had not used those services before, so do not know how authentic they are though.

It’s be much cheaper and easier to just buy the kit for the required parts or convince someone with the kit to recast them.

Yeah I know. I had to re-buy two different kits for parts that had broken, and ended up fixing the part for one kit, but had to use the spare part for the other kit.