Parts for sale need descriptions and info

Admin, Please remove my post if not appropriate.

I have a listing on ebay for some gundam parts, however I don’t know much about these,
can you please help me with names of these figures so i can improve my listing title?
Also if the auction price is not realistic please let me know and I will adjust the starting price.
Thanks for any info…

Honestly, there were too many parts. But judging from their relative sizes to be about the same, and that there was no Wing Gundam Zero Honoo at MG size, best guess is that the kits are at HG 1/144 sizes and maybe even HGUC, HGCE, and what not, for some of them.

There is definitely RX-79[G] Ground Gundam, parts of Wing Zero, Wing Zeron Honoo, some parts of pearl coating Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth, some type of Gundam with GN Drive maybe the Core Gundam with one of the planetary system, shield for Gouf B-3 Custom, and parts of Gundam Barbatos.

At best, with the parts, someone should be able to assemble about 5 to 6 Gundams, but probably not completely though, just the main suit.