Part Compatibility

Question: Can i swap parts from a Over Flag with a Masurao and Vice Versa? Example: can i take the Feet from the Former and place them on the latter? anybody got the answer?

This Thread can be used to ask if certian kits are compatible and parts can be interchanged so if anybody got the same questions about other kits feel free to do so…

You should be more specific…I mean, I know for a fact that the Overflag and Masurao are only available in the HG 1/144 scale, but others might not.

I don’t own the Masurao, I do own the Susanowo as well as the Overflag. If I remember right, they use the same style of building. So it should be possible, if it’s that important I’ll go find them, they’re packed in a box somewhere among a good dozen boxes I use to keep models not on display.

Facepalm…yeah thats what i mean…im talking about both of them in 1/144 scale. lol can i swap out parts from both of them?

Aslo, since techinically the Susanwo is the Maruaso with upgrades, and if you have the patience, i would gladly be appreciated if you could find out…im in the works of a new project and im eyeing both of those kits as the raw material…

I was just reminding you :stuck_out_tongue:

Until I find them, check dalong out;

Thanks for the Dalong. ill take a look. until then good hunting…

No, you can’t take an Overflags feet and put them on a Susanowo atleast. And sorry, shoulda linked this one instead of Susanowo

dang it! oh well, theres more than one way to skin a cat…What about the Ahead?

Dunno, don’t own that one. Only have the Overflag because I wanted to setup some cool battle poses for one of my Exia’s and the Susanowo has physical blades and looks more badass.

oh well…thanks Exia…anyway…as for everyone else, feel free to use thread for your own part compatibility questions…

New Question: is the Musurao compatible with the Raphael gundam foot wise in design as in the ankels…as in can i take the feet or better yet the legs of the Raph and put them on the Mus?

Got another Compatability Question: Im in the process of getting the Tieren Touzi Sergie Cusotm. What other suit BESIDES OTHER TIERN KITS have compatable Ankle parts?

It has been AGES since I used this place and even longer since I made a post here! Glad to see the place is still active. Makes this old Vet of Gundam Forums proud :smile:

But I digress. Using this old thread of mine to find out something for all the Gunpla Modders out there. I’m attempting to make a backpack for a gunpla that can convert into a drone/fighter like deal and im interested in using this:

My problem is that so far I’ve only seen SEED/Strike Type Gunplas able to use this backpack and was wondering if it’s compatible with other type of Gunpla like from AC/UC/FC/OO etc. Any assistance is appreciated in advance :slight_smile: