Panel Wash Clarification

I read through some threads on panel washing on here, watched some youtube tutorials and I just had a few questions to clear up:

  1. On a painted kit should I go straight onto the paint or do a glosscote first?
  2. On an unpainted kit should I put it on bare plastic or glosscote then do it?
  3. What ratio do you usually use for paint to thinner? Is it better to have it too thin or too thick?
  4. Whats your preferred paint/thinner combination?

Thanks for the help.

1.) Best to do a gloss coat first so it will be easier to clean up and easier to apply.
2.) You’ll risk damaging the plastic if you put the wash on without a gloss coat. Easiest option is to gloss coat the bare plastic, then apply the wash.
3.) It depends on the type of wash you’re using. If using enamels, a good ratio is 1:2 (paint:thinner) so if you use three drops of paint, put in six drops of thinner/lighter fluid. It’s best if it’s thin as possible because too thick means it won’t flow through the lines properly.
4.) Easiest combo is enamel paint with lighter fluid as thinner. You have to constantly add lighter fluid since it evaporates quickly, but there is little to no risk of damage to the clear coat and it flows through lines really well.

Dlinker has you pretty much covered. I agree with him on all points.