Panel Lining RG Justice Gundam - Which colour do I use?

So, my sister got me this awesome kit for my birthday last week. It’s now put together and I’m not sure what colour to use to line the red/pink armour panels. As far as I know lining markers come in grey, black and brown. Do you use brown to line red? That would seem to make sense, but as I don’t know, I thought it was better to ask than risk screwing up my model.

I normally just use black. But I’ve seen some people use the brown for the more red colors. I wouldn’t use gray, I think it’d look weird. I have a gray lining marker, honestly mine does not work that well at all.

Brown and black should work fine for panel lining red/pink parts. Darker shades, black will work for better, though.

Grey will work too, but only on bright shades, I think. I would go for a mechanical pencil when going for grey lining. Easier to work with and clean up on unpainted kits.

I checked the stock photography on the box and it seems the model was lined in black on the red and maroon parts, and grey on the pink, so I guess that’s what I’ll use. As for the markers, I find them pretty easy to work with. I just wipe my thumb over the top and then clean up the smudges with a cotton swab and it gives good results. Good enough for me anyway.

Oh yeah, does grey lining show up on black plastic? Seems like it would be too dark to show up and, again, don’t want to screw up the model.

Unless it’s a brighter grey, it won’t show up on black plastic.

Just do a google image search. Most RG Justices are lined using black. A brown looks great on grey parts, its really looks great!

Brown on grey

I use dark brown for red, light brown for yellow, grey for white and other light colors. and black for dark colors.

Damn, I never thought to just google it. Thank you for the image, I shall now steal it for reference purposes :stuck_out_tongue: