Panel Lining Painted Kits

How do you panel line painted kits without messing up the paint. I am airbrushing using Vallejo paints and used a Vallejo spray can matte varnish over that. I want to do an orange panel line with Tamiya orange-brown panel line but I can’t clean the excess up without eating the paint away. Any help or tips are appreciated.

Maybe line with thinned acrylic paint and use a water-damp q-tip to clean up?

Having a Gloss coat on the kit before panel lining will help your paint flow through the line best.

The lining paint and the gloss need to be different based paints (IE Acrylic vs Enamel Vs Lacquer)
I cannot for the life of me remember which paint is recommended for each.
Is the Tamiya Orange/Brown Acrylic?
Looks like the Vallejo Spray Can is also Acrylic based?
This may be where you were running into problems.
Hopefully someone else can chime in here.

This is the panel liner I was wanting to use and the Matte Varnish I was using. I want a Matte finish on the paint. When I used a q-tip with a little alcohol on it to rub off the excess my paint got ate away.

Found a post on reddit that might help you

You can have it matte, but you’ll need a gloss coat to help the paint flow through the line, not puddle. You’d just matte coat after the panel lines and everything has cured.

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Thanks for the find. That sucks though I don’t want to take it back apart.

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