Panel lining on White surface. Black or Grey?

Thinking about the eventual panel lining on the VF-25. I have seen some finished work and most of them use Black. It really make the lines stand out but I felt that it lack some realism. You don’t really see such clearly defined lines on real aircraft. I was wondering if going with a light greyish wash would still give a noticeable yet more subtle effect? Anyone tried that or have link to some finished work with a lighter panel line effects?

I always prefer grey lining on white compared to black. I hate black washes unless they’re on a dark color.

Gray lining works better on lighter colors like white, while black works on darker colors like blue and dark gray.

Gray. I’ve seen black lining on white, and I think it looks too prominent.

Another vote for gray lining on a white surface. Or any bright surface, for that matter. Unless you’re looking for a certain appearance.

Great. gray it is. I was just looking at some of the VF-25 and VF-1 pictures on the web and the few I saw use black which looks good at first but seems to standout a bit too much after a bit.