Panel line on top of water slide decals.

As seen in my WIP thread. I’m working on a Cosmo Falcon and I made the mistake of clear coating and panel lining before final assembly. I totally forgot that there are these large decals that goes onto the wings here:

Not only are they a pain to get to conform over the raised and sunken area on the wing. It also covers up a bunch of panel lines.

The question I have is how should I go about relining it?

  1. Gundam marker right on top of the decal.

  2. Clear coat again and then Gundam marker.

  3. Clear coat again then panel wash.

What’s would be your approach?

I would clear coat again and do a wash. Not sure what your experiences are with using a Gundam Marker on a painted kit. But usually mine always runs and becomes blotchy. So I’d go for the wash.

I would go for Option #3 and if possible, see about cutting through the decals that haven’t sunken all the way in to the panel lines to make sure a wash gets in them.

OK. No. 3 it is. Will let you guys know how it turns out.

How good are you at cutting out the lines for where it conforms to the panel lines? might help to lightly score them there then apply more setter. Then option 3.

Edit* Just read dlinkers full reply lol he already said this.