Painting without spraying

Due to some recent injuries I am no longer able to spray paint. Is there anyway I can still paint my kits without the use of spray paints? I would like to prime them, paint, and clear coat them still. Is there any alternative ways? If not, I’ll have to go back how I previously did it just using paints only.

Other than doing it by hand with a paintbrush, I don’t know how else it can be done. Airbrush and spray cans can be lumped in the same method (spraying paint) so that leaves only the humble paintbrush.

I don’t know of a good way to prime a kit by paintbrush, though.

If the injury you’re referring to is the fumes like you mentioned in previous posts, invest in a respirator. If you have an airbrush, try using acrylics, instead of more toxic paints. A spray booth helps as well to suck out the fumes.

I’ve tried a respirator but I still seem to get sick. Like when I take the mask off, the smell kinda gets on the mask a bit. Also, testors red tube glue makes me sick as well. I feel weird for a few days and I can’t risk it anymore. Last time I felt like I was about to pass out.

It seems like you built up a tolerance to fumes. It’s dangerous. People do in fact pass out from fumes. Superglue also can make people dizzy and give them terrible headaches just from smelling the stuff. Do you spray outside?

I agree with this one. I know that super glue definitely does make me dizzy too, and odd headaches. I do normally spray outside.

Is there any safe alternatives for me to enjoy painting? Also, any safe glue alternatives? I know there’s a Tamiya brand - is that stuff any good? I know I like gundam models, which I don’t paint, but I definately love model cars so would love a safe alternative. I used to just paint them - no priming, such washed, sanded, and painted. Maybe I’ll go back to that.

Which respirator do you have you need one that will work on vapor like the 3M one here:

having a spray booth also helps to get the fume out as soon as possible. another way is doing it in the garage with the garage door partially open but you will need something to cover the pieces from the top while it’s drying so it won’t get dust particles on them.

I just use Tamiya acrylics, in terms of hand painting, you may need to go over a piece a couple of times depending on the paint (Metalics, and gloss colours are normally one pass and done), I tried using Testors water based primer and that just lifted off with the tape, and the paint on top of it, I don’t really want to use anything besides Tamiya’s lacquer based primer, works well all the previous times I have used it.

If you still want to airbrush, then get a good spray booth with a decent exhaust fan to blow the fumes and particles out the window, I’m even contemplating using a mask for when I use the primer, and top coats.

I hear ya. That sounds like a good idea, though I am concerned I may not have many chances left. Kinda feel like this stuff could maybe do something if I keep getting sick from it

Tamiya acrylics don’t smell that bad, certainly not as powerful as the enamel stuff like Humbrol, or the lacquer based stuff, can always try a couple of paints out and see how or if they even effect you when you are just using a paint brush and take it from there, and it cleans up with water, the other option is the warhammer paints that are also water based, maybe even Valejo, I know the warhammer stuff has next to no odor, and they have a ton of colours to choose from, not sure how much they cost these days though, last time I bought some they were messing about with screw top lids and little jars, I think they have gone back to flip top seal lids, and decent sized bottles (stuff I have is about 15 years old, and still good…except the screw top one, that dried out).

A respirator is a MUST when using sprays (any kind of spray paint). Also, highly recommend spraying outdoors with respirator on. Spray booths don’t suck everything out (esp. odors).

It’s why I prefer brush painting. Less hassle and less chance of lingering odors.

Tamiya acylics aren’t easy to work with the brush. It needs Tamiya specific thinner to work well. Vallejo acrylics are much better for brush painting. Plus they seem to work well with regular water. Vallejo also doesn’t seem to stink as much as Tamiya.

Absolutely avoid using any lacquer based paint or thinner. They stink real bad. The odor sticks on your clothes and lingers forever.

Enamels don’t bother me but considering your condition, I’d avoid them as well.

Best clear coat to use is Gunze’s Mr. Hobby Top Coat (in the light blue can - not the dark blue can). Acrylic based so it doesn’t stick too bad. Still, you must use a respirator. Avoid using Testor’s stuff like Dullcote as they are lacquer based.

Finally, avoid using the gooey Testor’s glue. They tend to release a lot of gas and odor. Not to mention they’re terrible to work with. I’d recommend using liquid glue (like the Model Master one in the black bottle or better yet Tamiya’s Extra Thin Cement). Easier to use and you can cap them tight to prevent odors from leaking.

I’ll give this a shot and see how it works. I was using the testors glue the other day, and suddenly, I had this headache sensation develop in my head. I quit using it, and I went outside to spray paint and got really sick. Felt like I was ready to just drop on the floor, literally. Not to mention the odd array of other symptoms like loss of appetite, tingling sensations, etc. Is the tamiya/testors stuff in the small bottle with the little brush any good? I do not want to go through this again…

Tamiya makes a type of cement called Tamiya Limonene Cement. It’s actually made out of citrus extract, and should have very little fumes. Your best bet for getting it is on eBay.

Can I ask a few questions?

A. How long have you been painting?

B. How long have you been painting with a respirator?

C. Do you wear gloves when painting?

I see that stuff. That looks good. I’ve been painting now for just about a year. I started wearing a respirator after I noticed one day I started to feel a little “odd” after spraying so I decided to invest in it. Usually I wear a respirator however there have been times I skipped out. Also the other thing is I primed models and will bring them in too early and begin painting, so I think that’s another issue. Also, use gloves most of the time.

That’s strange. You developed a sensitivity to the solvents in such a short amount of time. How long did you usually find yourself spraying for? Did you do it with proper ventilation?

I hear ya on this one. I am pretty much back to normal now. It was rough.

I would normally do it for like short time - like go outside, spray, come back in. Usually not too long

You’re back to normal? That’s great!

Your body must have really disliked those chemicals. How did you heal from it?

Time, really. I just gave it time. There wasn’t much else I could do. I would say I am 99% better and a few days should be back to normal. I know last time it took 3 weeks this happened

Just leave your painted pieces outside. Put them in a big box or storage container.

Thanks for the tip everyone, Fortunately, I am nearly back to normal this morning, but It will be a while till I decide to try painting again. I’ll look into the Vallejo paints and see how they are.