Painting over primer with same color

Hi there, sorry if this is a stupid/noob question, I’m very new to Gundam model building. I was wondering if I need to paint a piece that I’ve already primed if the primer is the color I want it to be, as in if I use white primer am I still supposed to use white paint over that, or black paint over black primer (assuming the pieces are intended to have a matte finish). I wasn’t sure what the normal procedure was and if I could just use black or white primer and then not have to paint the pieces I would save a lot of time since those colors are very common, especially white.

they make black primer? i recommend just going with the traditional grey primer coat. You can paint any color over it. If you’re looking for a matte finish to your paint job, then go over it with a top coat of matte clear.

You can use primer for the white if you want, but it won’t look as nice as if you use white paint over it. Primer really is made to allow the paint bond better with the plastic. Over time, the primer can discolor and react badly to age. You really should paint over it.

Hi Baron- no problem, we were all new to the hobby at some point!

If you are using the primer color in place of white, I agree with Squee and echo what he said- primer ages badly exposed to air. Now if you want to use paint as a primer- you can, but you need to sand the surface first and prep it for paint. This is done by going with a rough grit (150-220) and moving to finer grits (400-600). 1000 grit will produce an even finer finish, but I usually go with 600. So if you used white for a primer (white paint, not “primer primer”), then painted white paint over that, then a top coat, you should be ok.

Using primer as a main layer of paint though is generally a bad idea, for the reasons mentioned. Have fun :slight_smile:

Remember: wash your parts before priming them or the primer will not stick to the part.

if i cover the primer with top coat will it be ok?
im out of grey paints and too lazy to buy some