Painting inner frames

Hi, I’m new to gunpla and I come to this forum to learn. Want to hand paint my MG Shenlong Gundam’s inner frame and I have Tamiya paint jars. Was wondering do I have to sand the inner frames first or just paint it right away. Or maybe sand it and apply primer which I don’t have right now. I’m planning to paint it with black with matte finish. Also will paint some of the tiny details as well. Which would work best. Hand brush paint or spray paint?

Depending on how many layers of paint your use, will depend on the prep work needed. If you’re just doing one layer, then some light sanding on the joints might be required. I didn’t do any sanding on my MG Kampfer, and the joints are very tight, but it has primer, paint, and top coat on it. If you’re doing it black, I don’t think you will need to primer it unless you just want to. I also think that spray painting would be a better route cause it could prevent pooling and you’ll achieve a much more uniform finish.

Also, what type of paint are you using?

If you’re only painting small details, sanding isn’t necessary. If you’re painting the entire thing, you should definitely sand or prime it.

I have Tamiya acrylic paint. I’m painting the entire inner frames. Once I’m done with the inner frames I painting the rest of then kit with candy finish or metallic look.

Are you spraying the outer armor? You’ll have to be careful about sanding, candies and metallics are horrible for pointing out surface imperfections. I’m used to painting cars, I work in a body shop.

As someone who airbrushed flat black on an inner frame, I would say it’s not a good idea because flat black acrylic is thick when dry. You’ll encounter friction problems when putting in armor and in the joints so masking those areas is a good idea.

Handpainting Tamiya on an inner frame won’t really require sanding since the stuff sticks pretty well to plastic. It will take you some time, though, so spray cans will work best for this kind of thing, then use handpainting for details.

Yep I’m painting the outer armor as well. What grid of sandpaper would be best to prevent this? My brother owns a body and I can stop by his shop and might use his airbrush but the paint he uses are for cars. Will that work with bandai plastics?

I might stick to hand painting inner frames or spray cans. How many layers should I apply?

It depends how much you paint. I recommend 2-3 coats.

Thanks. I just took the shenlong apart.

I do mine on the cheap most times, but use something fine. I used a fine scotchbrite pad (grey in color, if that helps) on mine with good result. Might not want to use the expensive paint on the whole thing. Whatever you do use, make sure that its all compatible. I.E. dont use enamel and then laquer, it gets all kinds of horrible.
Had a thought though, if you use a laquer base and let it cure you could use the automotive clear on it.

Cool thanks. I have two MG shenlong ew and this first kit will be jusy my test subject before I start unboxing the other one. If it turns out nice I’m doing a kit bush on the other one.

If you’re new at this, then sand the frame.
Once done, try to apply a thin layer of paint and see whether that suffices or not.

That’s going to be a lot of work but sure I’ll try on 1 piece and 1 with none sanded one

I started painting the lil’ wufie, the cockpit and the sheild. Didn’t bother sanding it off but I seem to like the result.

As long as you’re happy with the results that’s really all that matters. If you can post pics, show us your progress in the Work in Progress section.

Will do when I get home. Currently at work right. Nit really the best as it’s my first time painting a gundam kit. Tried my best to make it look good.

Everyone has to start somewhere man. Like I said, as long as you are happy with it, that is all that matters.

I’m gonna start a new tread in work in progress with the pics