Painting and moving parts

If you’re going to airbrush, spraypaint, or otherwise fully paint a model…how do you deal with moving parts? Won’t the paint just scrape off every time you try to pose the Gunpla? I recently got my grubby hands on the Mercury Rev D (aka Gundam Swiss Army Knife), and that thing demands to be painted…but I can see it scraping like crazy. Any suggestions?

Primer it, assemble, and then use it like it was already completed. The primer will show you were the rubbing points are, and then you can sand the contact points that cause the friction.

^ To add to that, try to use paints that dry/cure really thin and always let the paint cure first before moving anything around.

Thanks guys. Does sanding down the contact points make them loose, though?

It does if you end up not painting them and leaving them as is. Once you prime/paint them, that will tighten them up some, but not enough that the paint will scrape or scratch.

That’s where letting the paint and/or clear coat dry/cure long enough comes in. Properly dried and cured paint can survive some friction.